What are the Different Trademark Attorney Jobs?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen
Part of an application to register a trademark.
Part of an application to register a trademark.

There are quite a few different trademark attorney jobs available for someone with a law degree and a background in trademark or patent law. One common type of job is at a trademark office, reviewing applications for trademarks and assisting in research for potential infringement cases. An attorney with experience working on trademarks can also work with clients interested in bringing a lawsuit against another party over trademark infringement. There are also trademark attorney jobs that involve working with clients to assist in filling out the paperwork necessary to officially register a trademark.

Trademark attorney jobs are typically positions of employment for those with a background in law and a specific focus on trademark law. Some of the most prominent trademark jobs are positions with the trademark office for a particular country. These jobs are often for those who may have a preference for working with paperwork and regulations, rather than pursuing litigation and finding clients. Trademark attorney jobs in a trademark office usually involve reviewing and filing paperwork, issuing official trademark registration forms for various individuals and companies, and pursuing a review of a trademark when challenged in an infringement case.

There are also trademark attorney jobs for lawyers and attorneys interested in working with clients and pursuing litigation. These jobs often involve representing clients in civil lawsuits, usually in suits brought against a defendant based on claims of trademark infringement. In these cases, there are typically trademark attorney jobs available for both the plaintiff and the defendant, and lawyers working in these types of jobs often specialize in understanding the requirements of proving infringement. Attorneys in these cases typically present evidence, argue the validity of a particular trademark, and indicate how a trademark was or was not infringed upon by a defendant.

Some trademark attorney jobs may also include working with clients, but are not directly involved in the adversarial process of civil litigation. These jobs often involve assisting clients with filing for official trademark registration. While the assistance of a lawyer is typically not required to file for registration of a trademark, it can often be helpful to ensure that a trademark will be registered. These trademark attorney jobs usually involve working with a client, reviewing paperwork, filing for registration on behalf of a client, and following up on a registration to ensure the satisfaction of the client.

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    • Part of an application to register a trademark.
      By: fuzzbones
      Part of an application to register a trademark.