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What are the Different Radiographer Jobs?

C. Webb
C. Webb

Radiographers have a wide range of duties. They are trained to operate state of the art medical equipment designed to explore, diagnose, and treat various medical conditions. A radiographer's skills are typically sought after throughout the medical field, leaving him or her to choose from a long list of possible radiographer jobs.

Diagnostic radiographers use medical equipment to seek out medical problems due to injury or illness. Examples of conditions discovered by radiographers include a broken bone, tumor, or torn cartilage. In choosing to be a diagnostic radiographer when picking among radiographer jobs, it is important to master the use of x-ray, computed tomography, and MRI machines. In addition, ultrasounds are performed by diagnostic radiographers. Organ structures, such as the heart, brain, and liver, are often examined by a radiographer as part of the diagnostic process.

A radiographer can run an MRI machine.
A radiographer can run an MRI machine.

Though diagnostic radiographers spend time diagnosing serious conditions, they also perform ultrasounds on pregnant women and often have the pleasure of letting couples know the fetus's gender. The radiographer is typically the first to know when twins or triplets are on the way. Determining the success of in vitro fertilization is usually discovered through the duties of a diagnostic radiographer, who performs the ultrasound determining whether the fertilized egg has embedded in the uterus.

Radiographers may perform ultrasounds on pregnant women.
Radiographers may perform ultrasounds on pregnant women.

Therapeutic radiographers are trained in treatment of medical conditions. One example of a therapeutic radiographer job is radiation for cancer. The cancer patient undergoes radiation, often combined with surgery and chemotherapy, to eradicate tumors. Therapeutic radiographers are typically included in pre-treatment discussions as well as treatment plan design.

Radiation therapy is an exact science in which concentrated beams of radiation are sent through the patient's skin and into the tumor. Therapy radiographers must know how to set machines to deliver the right amount of radiation. They also provide feedback to physicians, nurse practitioners, and others on the care team.

Coursework for radiographer jobs includes communication training. Radiographers work with patients of all ages and must communicate with the patient and patient's family. The conditions radiographers see range in severeness from minor sprains to terminal illness.

Training radiographers work in classrooms and clinical settings. They are expected to maintain constant education regarding newly designed equipment and how to use it. These types of radiographers work in programs instructing students in necessary skills to do radiographer jobs once graduated. Training radiographers are typically seasoned professionals with several years in the field.

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    • A radiographer can run an MRI machine.
      By: Monkey Business
      A radiographer can run an MRI machine.
    • Radiographers may perform ultrasounds on pregnant women.
      By: nattanan726
      Radiographers may perform ultrasounds on pregnant women.