What are the Different PBX Operator Jobs?

Troy Holmes

A pbx operator is responsible for answering phones for a company. There are many types of pbx operator jobs available today. Pbx operators typically work for large companies, hotels chains, resorts, and amusement parks. These individuals are responsible for routing phone calls from the main switchboard to specific areas of the company.

There are various types of PBX operator jobs.
There are various types of PBX operator jobs.

The pbx operator is an entry-level job at most companies. These jobs do not typically require any formal education other then a standard high school diploma. Pbx operators normally work either morning or evening shifts, and some companies staff both shifts because they need 24 hour support. These jobs typically require eight to ten hours per day as a shift.

A courteous and patient personality is needed to become a pbx operator.
A courteous and patient personality is needed to become a pbx operator.

One primary requirement of a pbx operator is the ability to speak clearly in the native language of the country in which he is working. This is necessary because the pbx operator is a direct reflection on the company to potential customers. Because he deals with customers, his demeanor should always be courteous and friendly.

Voice automation systems have been implemented in most large commercial companies. This automation system has only slightly reduced the demand for pbx operators. Many individuals prefer the personal interaction they get from operators and will typically drop out of automated systems.

Telephone company workers who handle directory assistance calls have jobs that are considered pbx operator jobs. These individuals assist phone consumers with directions and phone numbers. The directory assistance job is typically only available within large phone companies.

A switchboard operator is an individual who manages interoffice calls for corporate offices. This individual typically manages the overflow of voice automation systems when a user requests operator assistance. The switchboard operator is responsible for transferring incoming corporate calls to the appropriate office within the organization.

A pbx operator might also work in the hotel industry. People in these pbx operator jobs are responsible for routing hotel guest calls to specific rooms within the building. They also answer incoming calls, which can be routed to business offices or hotel guests. When a guest selects “0” from his room, he is transferred to the hotel operator for assistance.

Most hospitals have pbx operator jobs. This telephone operator is responsible for routing phone calls to appropriate hospital rooms or facilities within the hospital. Many hospitals have extensive turnover and high patient volume, which requires the need for manual pbx operators.

Unfortunately, the pbx operator job is not recession proof. Most large companies reduce the pbx staff during difficult times. Standard telephone operator jobs are less likely to feel the impacts of turbulent financial times than corporate headquarters pbx positions.

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