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What are the Different Options for Natural Stone Paving?

Donn Saylor
Donn Saylor

Natural stone paving lends a classic look to any outdoor space and can be used for patio paving, driveways, garden walkways, and paths. Easy to install and available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, natural stone pavers are created organically by the earth and are mined or collected by professionals for outdoor home use. Granite paving, sandstone paving, flagstone, cobblestone, travertine, and slate paving are among the different types of natural paving stone.

The atmosphere of patios, verandas, and courtyards are greatly enhanced by natural stone paving. The success and usability of these outdoor living spaces depends upon the look, feel, and durability of the stone underfoot, and there are many natural stone design options available. Basket-weave, circle design, fan-shaped, and herringbone are all popular choices for a layout of natural stone paving. When deciding on the color of stone for the space, one has a variety of options in virtually every shade of earth tone imaginable. Color-coordinating patio stone with the outdoor furniture and surrounding plant life can be easily accomplished.

A slate tile, a type of natural stone paving.
A slate tile, a type of natural stone paving.

Natural stone driveways make an attractive, inviting entry to any property. There was a time when concrete was essentially the only option for a long-lasting driveway, but the popularity of natural stone paving has now found its way from the patio to the front drive. When choosing the perfect stone for a driveway, be sure to consider more than just the look of the stone. Things like weather, water drainage, and maintenance issues are equally important when deciding what type of natural stone will work best in a driveway. Also, a driveway is much larger than a simple path or patio, and the prices of natural stone vary greatly, so be aware of the cost that could be easily incurred.

Moss growing between cobblestones.
Moss growing between cobblestones.

Garden walkways can serve a variety of purposes. They can be used for a stroll through a picturesque garden space. They can serve as simple thoroughfares for gardeners to get from point A to point B. In a large garden, they can serve as roads for vehicles and other equipment that maintain the space. Natural stone paving can be used for more than just a path around a garden, however. It can also be employed to erect retaining walls and edging around plants and flower beds.

Paving pathways across a lawn or through a wooded area can be both simple and eye-catching with natural stone paving. These walking paths offer direction and guidance through a certain area, whether it is through a heavily forested backyard or just from the front door to the driveway. They are also far less slippery and muddy than walking on the ground, ensuring a safer passage for all who travel them.

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    • A slate tile, a type of natural stone paving.
      By: Brad Pict
      A slate tile, a type of natural stone paving.
    • Moss growing between cobblestones.
      By: Alex Petelin
      Moss growing between cobblestones.