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What Are the Different Methods of Scar Tissue Removal?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Depending upon several factors, there are various methods of scar tissue removal. For scar tissue on the surface of the skin, ointments and creams may be helpful. Scar tissue beneath the skin may require surgery. Scar tissue removal may also be done through laser techniques, including a procedure known as micro burning. A health care provider can determine the best method of removal, according to the type and location of the scar, and how much scar tissue is present.

Some scar removal creams are made with natural ingredients. Physicians may recommend these creams, as they are typically unlikely to cause adverse reactions. Some types of natural scar removal creams are meant to regenerate and repair healthy skin tissue, without the use of synthetic ingredients. Creams and ointments may be used to minimize the appearance of acne scars and scarring from burns or wounds. In most cases, however, creams and ointments are not the most effective method of deep scar tissue removal.

Scar tissue.
Scar tissue.

In addition to ointments and creams, vitamin E may be an effective method of getting scarring to disappear. Vitamin E can strengthen skin and help repair damage to skin tissue. Shae butter may also be used to help minimize the appearance of minor scarring.

For some people, massage therapy may be an option for scar tissue removal. Some medical experts believe massage therapy may also help reduce the risk of nerve impingement due to scar tissue formation. Deep scar tissue may also lead to pain and numbness in the affected area, which is why scar tissue massage may be beneficial for some individuals. In addition to massage, a therapist may apply heat, possibly from paraffin wax. It is recommended that only a professional massage therapist perform these techniques, and only under the supervision of a physician.

Steroid injections can help with keloid scar tissue.
Steroid injections can help with keloid scar tissue.

Dermatologists may perform a technique known as dermabrasion or dermaplaning to minimize the appearance of scarring. This method involves scraping the top layer of skin to allow healthy new skin tissue to form. Dermabrasion is typically recommended for facial scarring due to acne, but may also be effective for other areas of the body.

Keloid scars are made up of collagen and are raised above the skin. This type of scarring is generally fibrous and thick. Physicians may attempt to treat this type of scar with steroid injections. If this method fails, surgery may be an option.

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I think that scar removing silicone sheets and scar creams are the best. There are no side effects and they work for most scars. Of course it requires consistent use and patience because it can take a long time but it's worth it.

The only exception are keloid scars which are very hard to get rid of. If anyone here is considering surgery for a keloid scar, don't do it. My brother had a keloid scar removed and guess what, another keloid scar formed as a result.


@serenesurface-- I don't think that all types of laser treatments are bad. There are new types of laser resurfacing that target only the scar tissue, avoiding other areas that do not need treatment. So this reduces side effects and possible complications.

I also think that all types of scar tissue removal can cause complications if it is done improperly or by someone inexperienced. So, regardless of the treatment type, it's important to work with a doctor or expert who really knows what he or she is doing. I always ask to look at a doctor's previous work before deciding to get a treatment like laser resurfacing.


I've heard very bad things about laser treatments for scars. I've heard that they cause many side effects and complications and even result in more scars. My friend had laser treatment for scar tissue and her skin became blotchy and uneven afterward. I don't think that this is a good method to deal with scar tissue.

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    • Scar tissue.
      Scar tissue.
    • Steroid injections can help with keloid scar tissue.
      By: Swapan
      Steroid injections can help with keloid scar tissue.
    • Ointments are helpful in minimizing the appearance of acne scars.
      By: Coprid
      Ointments are helpful in minimizing the appearance of acne scars.
    • Some people opt to have additional surgical procedures in an attempt to minimize their scars.
      By: Artem Furman
      Some people opt to have additional surgical procedures in an attempt to minimize their scars.