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What Are the Different Methods of Business Communication?

Osmand Vitez
Osmand Vitez

Business communication represents any information passed through two or more parties. The methods of business communication are vast, especially with the increasing use of technology. Different methods of business communication include internal and external forms, with some types mixing between these two groups. The communication process is also part of these methods as these channels have several parts. Not all individuals communicate in the same manner; it is often best for an individual to select the channel that suits his or her strengths and creates effective messages for the receiving party.

Internal methods of business communication often have no shortage of types. the most common include face to face, phone calls, and memos in addition to conferences, meetings, or e-mail, among others. The important factors that force a decision among these communication types include the nature of the message and the receiving party. For example, private conversations on a serious topic may not use e-mail as the communication method; a phone call or face-to-face meeting may be best. Messages that pertain to large groups of employees may require the use of a meeting or other large conference in order to disseminate the information in a quick manner.

Methods of business communication include formal meetings.
Methods of business communication include formal meetings.

External communication is typically more formal as messages go from the company to an outside individual or business. Therefore, methods of business communication here include letters and formal meetings, though some other options may exist in certain cases. These methods allow a business to properly inform external stakeholders about certain aspects of the company. Most businesses must be careful when using external communication as legal ramifications may occur if a company improperly discusses sensitive business processes. Poor external communication methods can also lead to confusion about certain business activities, which may result in low consumer opinion.

A face-to-face meeting may be best for private business conversations.
A face-to-face meeting may be best for private business conversations.

All methods of business communication go through the communications process, which typically involves several steps. These steps start with source and encoding and move through channel to decoding and receiving, with each step involving part of the communicated message. The source, encoding, and channel typically relate to the individual sending the message. Properly writing the message for ease of understanding and the channel used to deliver the message are very important components because poor choices can distort the message. Decoding and receiving relate to the party who receives the message and how the recipient reads and understands the message sent from the source.

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Our business has two offices downtown and sometimes we need to get documents or other information from one office to another. Email doesn't work because large files can't be attached and mail is too slow. So for important documents that need to be delivered urgently, we actually use a bike messenger who delivers things to our other office in no time.

It's not the most common method of business communication but sometimes it's necessary and it works great for us.


@serenesurface-- I think email is a good communication method sometimes, but it's not always the most effective or most reliable.

First of all, it's not safe to send sensitive information through email. It's fine for day to day communications, but more sensitive information require safer, more reliable methods.

The other issue is that email only works when people read and reply promptly. If I need something done right away, and if I know that the person on the other hand isn't very good about checking or replying to emails, then I need to try something else. Phone calls or sometimes a personal visit is the best way to get things done.


Email is my preferred method of business communication. It's easy and fast. Most of my day to day activities are done through emails. it works very well.

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    • Methods of business communication include formal meetings.
      By: Monkey Business
      Methods of business communication include formal meetings.
    • A face-to-face meeting may be best for private business conversations.
      By: Odua Images
      A face-to-face meeting may be best for private business conversations.
    • Email may be used for short business messages.
      By: kreizihorse
      Email may be used for short business messages.