What are the Different Methods for Radon Removal?

Harriette Halepis

Radon is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, and toxic gas that can be found in many homes. By using a radon text kit, homeowners can determine whether or not radon is a concern. If radon levels are found to be higher than average, then this gas must be reduced. Unlike other home improvement projects, hiring a specialized contractor to reduce radon levels is necessary. Contractors will determine the best radon removal method for a home depending upon a home's foundation type.

Sealing foundation cracks may help reduce the amount of radon that can enter into a home.
Sealing foundation cracks may help reduce the amount of radon that can enter into a home.

To remove radon from basement and slab-on-grade homes, contractors will often choose a soil suction method. There are four different types of soil suction methods including: drain tile suction, sub-slab suction, sump hole suction, and block wall suction. Out of all these suction approaches, sub-slab suction is often chosen. This form of suction involves large fans that are attached to long pipes. These pipes are inserted underneath a floor board, or outside of a home. Contractors then use the fans to literally suck the gas out of a home. Once the gas has been contained, it is then released into the open air.

Difficulty breathing is a symptom of radon poisoning.
Difficulty breathing is a symptom of radon poisoning.

Homes that are considered crawlspace homes require simple ventilation methods for effective radon removal. Ventilation systems may be installed in these homes, or large fans may be used to clear the air of radon. Some contractors may choose to cover a crawlspace with a heavy plastic sheet, and use pipes and fans to remove radon from a home. Both methods will result in radon removal from a crawlspace home.

Temporary solutions to a radon problem are also possible. Sealing foundation cracks is often done to reduce the amount of radon that can seep into a home. Home pressurization techniques may work as well. Pressurization attempts to create an immense amount of pressure inside the lower level of a home by blowing outdoor air into a basement or crawl space with the help of a high-powered fan.

Determining the kind of radon removal method that will work for your home is best left to a professional. Expert radon removal contractors will analyze the layout of your home, consider current radon levels, and then work to remove radon as effectively as possible. Since radon removal does require industrial equipment, this is not a job that can easily be done on one's own. However, taking a look at the EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) website will provide homeowner with further information regarding the removal of radon.

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