What are the Different Kinds of Modern Coffee Tables?

Patti Kate

There is a wide array of modern coffee tables, some of which include the cube coffee table, marble coffee table, and nesting coffee table. A contemporary coffee table is another term for the modern coffee table, which may be made from various materials. Some incorporate wood, granite, or tile as the main focus. These styles may be standard form, or abstract and intricately designed.

Glass-top tables are relatively easy to maintain and will not fade, chip, or rust as some other materials can do.
Glass-top tables are relatively easy to maintain and will not fade, chip, or rust as some other materials can do.

Some of these artistic modern designs are created by talented artisans from different regions of the world. Italian furniture typically will incorporate some of the most advanced styling in contemporary design. A popular design for a modern coffee table is wood and glass combined. Rich woods such as mahogany and cherry wood are often used, as they go well with various decor and are generally sturdy and durable.

Coffee tables may be made of wood.
Coffee tables may be made of wood.

Another popular design for modern coffee tables is an all-wicker table. This style may be used outdoors in a patio setting. Some contemporary wicker coffee tables also incorporate glass tops.

Modern coffee tables with glass tops work well for indoors or out. Glass-top tables are relatively easy to maintain and will not fade, chip, or rust as some other materials can do. The base designs of a glass top coffee table may have a contemporary abstract design or a more casual look. Wood is often used for the base of glass top coffee tables, although metal is used in many designs.

Some of the contemporary designs in modern coffee tables feature two-tier styling. The shelves act as extra storage space. Most commonly, the table is designed in wood or glass, although any material may be used.

There are shelved modern coffee tables, which feature intricate patterns or styling. Lattice-top designs have an updated look and modern appeal. This type of table may be made of solid wood, with a layer of heavy glass for the top piece. The lattice design may be seen through the transparent top.

For a practical, yet sleek and contemporary look, some of the coffee table styles feature a pull-out storage drawer. This is handy for storing remote controls for the television, magazines, or any small item. The table may be constructed of solid wood with contrasting color for the drawer and handle. Some may offer shelving on either side of the table for a fresh, updated look.

Contemporary styling for coffee tables features various shapes and sizes for virtually any size room. Rectangular or oblong is generally the most common shape. Round or square are other popular choices. Some of these modern coffee tables may feature a free-form design with an irregular shape.

Nesting or nested coffee tables represent another modern style. These generally feature one larger table, with a smaller one that 'nests" in front of it. The nested table typically is set on casters and rolls out. This is not only a contemporary style, it is very versatile and practical.

Many modern coffee table designs are made to match any decor. These may be purchased separately, allowing for the ability to mix and match pieces. Conversely, many of the tables are available as a three-piece set and feature end pieces as well.

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