What are the Different Kinds of Metal Curtains?

Sherry Holetzky

Metal curtains are available in a number of materials, styles, and finishes that create looks ranging from rugged or medieval to modern and surprisingly elegant. Metal window treatments can be quite airy or heavy, depending on the taste and preference of the buyer. Metal or faux metal mesh is quite stylish and adds a unique feel to any window, allowing in air and light. Chain mail, something many may assume is a long lost art, is also seen in various design schemes.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Perhaps the most popular types are faux metal curtains. Because they tend to be less expensive than real metal and can be made from a variety of materials, they may be a better value. Choosing faux metal can help save money while still being able to create the look one desires. Faux metal curtains are not as heavy as real metal either, which can be an important consideration when choosing window treatments.

Windows are not the only element that can benefit from metal curtains. Metallic curtains or metal bead curtains also make great room dividers. These treatments can be used to dress up a doorway in place of a door or can even be used as wall art.

Beads for metallic curtains can be made from light or heavy metals such as aluminum, brass, or steel. Some are tiny mirrored shapes. Faux metal beads can be made from glass, plastic, wood, bamboo, or even fabric. They come in many shapes, sizes, lengths, and widths. Metal curtains can be purchased by stock order or custom design.

Knowing the exact dimensions needed is important. It also helps to picture the curtains in place. You may want extra long or extra wide window treatments to make the window look larger. Some people also like to “puddle” curtains, using longer than necessary lengths and allowing the excess to bunch up or puddle on the floor.

For a heavy metal fan, chain mail or industrial style metal curtains might be the perfect touch for his or her space, while others might prefer something more subtle. Metal window treatments can also be used for special events. They make a great backdrop for exhibits, for use in trade shows, and they can add sparkle to party and wedding decorations. Metal curtains can also look great in a dance club or other type of night club, reflecting light and adding to the ambiance.

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