What are the Different Jet Mechanic Jobs?

T. Webster

Preventive maintenance, repairs and inspections are among the most common types of jet mechanic jobs. Airplanes are so complex that jet mechanics tend to specialize in one of these areas. Jet mechanics are usually not expected to carry out all requirements for maintaining, repairing and inspecting jets unless they work for a very small company.

A jet mechanic can work on the jet engines that propel aircraft.
A jet mechanic can work on the jet engines that propel aircraft.

Duties stemming from jet mechanic jobs can range from repairing leaks to patching corrosion or cracks caused by wear and tear to the shell of the jet. Wing repair and engine removal and installation are other common duties. Additionally, a repair mechanic can repair or rebuild fuel or oxygen systems for jets.

Jet mechanics should have the ability to work standing on ladders and scaffolding.
Jet mechanics should have the ability to work standing on ladders and scaffolding.

Ultimately, a repair mechanic is responsible for getting the jet back into full working order. This requires an ability to work quickly while also making sure the repairs are done correctly. Repair mechanics who make critical errors will often find themselves out of a job. Repairs that are done incorrectly can have dire consequences, including the loss of life if a jet malfunctions while in service.

Preventive maintenance is another type of jet mechanic job. These mechanics are often found working on airplanes parked at boarding gates, for example. Generally, they perform repairs that can be completed quickly.

Preventive maintenance mechanics tend to replace parts and fix things brought on by daily wear and tear. Pilots might ask these mechanics to check certain things on the plane to make sure they are functioning properly. A preventive maintenance mechanic also typically keeps a log of various aircraft information, such as the number of hours it has flown and when preventive maintenance was last completed.

Inspectors generally oversee and review the work completed on jets. As a result, inspectors must understand all repair standards and requirements, which are often complex. An inspector is the final step in ensuring all work on the jet is completed safely and according to standards.

Jet mechanic jobs are typically found with commercial airlines, the military and private corporations. Advancement in jet mechanic jobs can include becoming a lead mechanic, shop supervisor or a lead inspector. These jobs may require additional education and licensing.

Jet mechanic jobs require some formal training such as a two- or four-year degree. Governments that regulate air travel also have certain requirements that must be met. In some cases, on-the-job training is available. In addition to having proper training, a jet mechanic needs good analytical and mechanical skills, as well as the ability to work on scaffolding or ladders.

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