What are the Different Insulin Pump Accessories?

Katriena Knights

Using an insulin pump can help those with diabetes to live a more normal lifestyle without having to worry as much about when it will be time for their next insulin injection. Different insulin pump accessories can make this form of insulin delivery even simpler. In some cases, these accessories can even help make an insulin pump into a fashion statement.

Insulin pumps help those living with diabetes avoid bothersome insulin injections.
Insulin pumps help those living with diabetes avoid bothersome insulin injections.

The development of insulin pump therapy is in many cases a more convenient, innovative, and accurate means of delivering insulin into the bloodstream. A patient using this type of insulin therapy typically can maintain a steady level of insulin in the bloodstream, as well as have additional insulin ready when it becomes necessary. Insulin is delivered through a tiny cannula inserted under the skin. While the cannula must be replaced about once a month, this still means fewer needle sticks than traditional therapy, which often requires several injections every day.

Insulin pumps require the cannula to be changed regularly.
Insulin pumps require the cannula to be changed regularly.

Because the insulin pump must be worn at all times, different insulin pump accessories have been developed to make this simple, safe, and convenient. The pump itself is small and can be worn in a pack or case. Depending on preference, some people wear pumps in packs on the waist, thigh, arm, or even attached to a bra. These can keep the pack from being jarred out of place during everyday activities. Packs even come in different styles and colors, so they can be coordinated with different outfits or even be changed to match a holiday season.

Different insulin pump accessories also can be found for specific situations. For example, waterproof packs help protect the pump while swimming. Special packs for children provide bright, attractive designs made from durable material to withstand the normal activity level of a child. Having a brightly colored pack with a design the child helped pick out can help children feel less anxious about their insulin pump.

Still more different insulin pump accessories actually integrate the pump into clothing for even more convenient wear. Specially constructed bras make it possible to wear the pump without its being visible under clothing. Nightclothes or underclothing such as slips or boxer shorts can also be adapted to carry a pocket for the pump, making nighttime wear even simpler.

Additional insulin pump accessories typically help the user easily carry necessary items such as additional insulin packs or testing supplies. Special purses have multiple pockets for storing everything a diabetic might need to ensure proper insulin control at all times. Other options include waist packs or easily portable kits complete with accessories to keep insulin cold. Overall, the wide variety of different insulin pump accessories typically makes it possible for anyone to find the right approach to making insulin therapy convenient and comfortable.

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