What Are the Different Ideas for Making Curried Sausages?

Megan Shoop

Adding curry to sausages not only gives the meat an extra kick of spiciness and flavor, it also usually complements the spices already present in a sausage. Many sausages contain fennel seeds, garlic, and black pepper — three herbs also present in most curry blends. The existence of these different flavorings, along with a few variations on traditional curry dishes, help home cooks discover new ideas for making curried sausages. Some of those ideas include using curried sausage in place of lamb tips or chicken in traditional curry dishes, and adding curry powder to American sausage entrees. Both ideas contain several options for home cooks to try.

Curry powder.
Curry powder.

One of the simplest curried sausage ideas typically involves sautéing veggies and sausages together with a curry-infused sauce. Vegetables for this dish may include broccoli, julienned carrots, summer squash, tomatoes, and leeks. The cook typically begins heating the vegetables first, softening them before he or she adds the sausage. While the veggies heat, the cook usually whisks together curry powder with enough water or milk to make a slightly runny paste and cuts the sausage up into coins. The sausages and curry paste go into the pan at the same time, infusing the softened vegetables with meaty and spicy flavors.

Raw sausages.
Raw sausages.

Even this relatively uncomplicated idea for curried sausages allows for several variations. Dozens of curry powder blends exist, though some of the most popular are red, yellow, and green. Red curry is usually the spiciest, while yellow is very mild. Green curry is also very spicy, but with sweet undertones.

One may use any of these powders with different kinds of sausage to achieve many flavors. For instance, people who love very spicy dishes might combine red curry with spicy sausage for a very fiery flavor combination. Those who prefer mildly spicy dishes might mix yellow curry with a sprinkling of green curry and mix them with Italian sausage. Coconut milk gives curried sausages a traditionally sweet flavor, while chicken broth gives the curry paste a savory richness.

Curried sausages could also refer to just the sausages alone. Cooks fond of grilling might try basting their sausages with curry paste during cooking. This generally infuses the sausages with deep spiciness and flavor as they sear over the hot coals. These grilled, curried sausages may then be used in sausage sandwiches with fried peppers and onions. Leftover curried sausages could become quick, flavorful additions to cold and hot pasta dishes or even sausage burritos.

Sausage typically contains fennel seeds.
Sausage typically contains fennel seeds.

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