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What Are the Different Ideas for Dill Dips?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

The different ideas for dill dips include regular and low calorie versions. Dill dip may be served in a bowl or it may be placed ahead of time on "dippers" such as small specialty breads or hollowed out vegetable pieces. Although dill dips are typically creamy rather than tomato-based, mayonnaise, sour cream, yogurt or cream cheese, either separately or in combination, may be used. Either fresh or dried dill could be added to the creamy base to form the dip. Some cooks like to combine the dill with other herbs such as parsley, while others simply add onion, garlic and a little freshly ground pepper to finish the dip.

For a cooler, more refreshing dill dip, garlic and onion may be omitted. Finely chopped cucumber added to dill dips, instead of richly flavored items, can increase the cool taste and texture. This type of dip should be served well chilled and can make an ideal poolside snack when served with light textured crackers or rice cakes. In colder weather, a heavier dip that may include a little hot sauce as well as minced onion and garlic may be a more welcome idea. Bagels cut into sections as well as mini rye bread pieces can make perfect dippers for a heartier dill dip.

Mayonnaise is a common base for creamy dill dips.
Mayonnaise is a common base for creamy dill dips.

Cooks may want to experiment with different combinations of cream cheese, yogurt, sour cream and mayonnaise to create dill dips. For low calorie dill dips, use reduced fat versions of these foods. If a dip turns out too thick, a little milk stirred in can thin it. Use only a little milk at a time though or the dip may become too thin. When using yogurt alone for a dill flavored dip, the Greek style is often the best choice because it's thick in texture.

Dill weed.
Dill weed.

For fun appetizers at a party, hosts can slice cucumbers into thick slices and hollow out the centers leaving a bottom section. The indentation can then be filled with a medium to thick dill dip. Garnishing each cucumber cup with a small sprig of parsley can be a nice finishing touch.

Cooks can also slice a "cap" section from a cherry tomato, hollow it out and add a thick dill dip. Before replacing the cap, a small parsley sprig may be added at a side angle. Hollowing out round bread loaves to create a "bowl" for dill dips is another great idea for entertaining.

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Dill based salad dressing is one of my favorites, and it makes a great base for a dip for chips or vegetables.

Dill crackers are good too. You mix a packet of dry ranch dressing mix with about a half teaspoon of dill and put it in a zip top bag. Then melt butter and drizzle it over oyster crackers and then scoop them into the bag and shake it all up. They are really, really good that way. It's an easy, popular snack. Even kids like it.

Dill dip is a refreshing change from horseradish or french onion and I really like it. I like dill in general, anyway.


Lowfat versions of everything are available nowadays, and most of them are pretty good. I don't care for lowfat mayo, but neufchatel cream cheese is delicious, and lowfat yogurt and cottage cheese are good, too. So, if a person wants a dill dip that's lower in fat, the option is definitely available.

I would want to use fresh and dried dill for extra flavor, and maybe a little cider vinegar for sharpness. You definitely need a good seasoning mix when you're making dill dip, or it will be bland. I would also add some cayenne pepper for a little kick of heat to liven it up, too.

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    • Mayonnaise is a common base for creamy dill dips.
      By: Alexandra
      Mayonnaise is a common base for creamy dill dips.
    • Dill weed.
      By: Viktor
      Dill weed.
    • Dill seed.
      By: Andrey Starostin
      Dill seed.
    • Dill dips may include sour cream as an ingredient.
      By: dream79
      Dill dips may include sour cream as an ingredient.