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What Are the Different Hairstyles for a Receding Hairline?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

One of the biggest cosmetic challenges that men face is when their hair begins to recede. Not only is it a visible sign of aging, but it is also difficult to style hair in such a way that both accepts the hair loss and makes it less noticeable. There are many products available that claim to bring back the hairline, but these are not always an option, whereas a good hairstyle is. Some of the different hairstyles for a receding hairline include the buzz cut, the bald shave, and the medium shag style. A Ceaser, the comb-over, and the skullet are also common styles.

The buzz cut and the bald shave are the two most drastic hairstyles for a receding hairline. In the buzz cut, the hair is shaved lose to the head, the same short length all over. This cut is especially good if the hair is also thinning. The bald shave goes a step further, removing all the hair from the head. This style looks intentional rather than consequential as the hairline is often not visible.

A man with a receding hairline.
A man with a receding hairline.

These hairstyles for a receding hairline do not require any styling products; however, they do require a significant amount of upkeep and must be redone every one to two weeks. The skin of the scalp, now that it is exposed, must be kept moisturized and protected from the sun. This style does not suit everyone but does grow out quickly.

The medium shag style involves growing the hair to a medium length all over the head. This style also works to hide thin patches. The hair is layered, textured, and tousled slightly forward to subtly cover the hairline. A variation of this is when the man has very thick hair everywhere but the front. The hair is grown to a medium length and tousled, but not necessarily forward, letting the volume of the hair detract from the hairline rather then trying to hide it.

Hair styles can hide -- or reveal -- a receding hairline.
Hair styles can hide -- or reveal -- a receding hairline.

Another variation of these hairstyles for a receding hairline is the Ceaser, where only the front and sides of the hair are grown slightly longer. In a classic Ceaser style, the front of the hair is combed forward into bangs that are cut straight across. The forward combing of the hair discreetly hides the hairline. Bangs can also be layered for a less stylized look.

Finally, the comb-over and the skullet are two infamous hairstyles for a receding hairline. These styles usually are worn with hair that has significantly receded far back on the head. In the comb-over, the side or back of the hair is grown quite a bit longer than the rest, then wrapped over the head in an often unsuccessful attempt to cover the receded patch. The skullet is a variation on this, where the hair in the back of the head is grown long and left hanging down. This hairstyle derives its name from the popular mullet style but lacks the short hair on top.

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    • A man with a receding hairline.
      A man with a receding hairline.
    • Hair styles can hide -- or reveal -- a receding hairline.
      By: vasilisa_k
      Hair styles can hide -- or reveal -- a receding hairline.