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What Are the Different Food Processor Parts?

Jeri Sullivan
Jeri Sullivan

Food processor parts include lids, bowls, pushers, and blades. A food processor is a small electrical kitchen appliance responsible for shredding, chopping, slicing, kneading, and grating foods. Though similar to a blender, food processors work better with foods than liquids due to their round, bowl-shaped design.

Lids are required for food processors so the spinning blades do not injure the operator and the food does not fly out of the bowl. Most lids are manufactured from strong, clear plastic and feature grooves along the side that help the lid snap into place. The top of the lid also includes a tall cylinder where food is dropped into the processor during operation. This cylinder allows the operator to add food to the machine without having to turn off the machine or open the lid.

A food processor.
A food processor.

Bowls are where the actual food is placed during the processing operation. The lid must be attached for the food processor parts to work and once the lid is secured and the machine turned on, the blades spin in the bowl to chop the food. The bowls contain a handle so the processed food can be easily poured out of the bowl. Many processor bowls also include measurements along the side so the operator can see how much food has been processed.

Spinning blades are a part of food processors.
Spinning blades are a part of food processors.

One of the most helpful food processor parts is the pusher. The pusher is designed to fit snugly in the tall cylinder on the processor’s lid. Its purpose is to push food into the bowl or onto the blade carrier while the processor is running. The pusher prevents food from flying out of the bowl from spinning blades and is also a safety feature to prevent the operator from being cut by the sharp blades.

The most variety in food processor parts come from the blade attachments. Basic machines will often come with an S-shaped blade that sits down in the bowl and is attached through a center pole. When the machine is turned on, the blade spins inside the bowl and chops the food into small pieces. The blades will spin continually or can be set to spin intermittently if the machine is turned to the pulse position.

Other types of blade food processor parts include slicing, grating, and shredding blades. Unlike the S-shaped blade that is inserted into the bowl of the food processor, these other blades actually sit in a round shaped blade carrier. The carrier is flat and has a post in the middle that fits down into the center of the bowl. Interchangeable blades are popped into the carrier and when the food processor is running, the carrier spins so the blades will cut any food dropped onto the carrier top.

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    • A food processor.
      By: nito
      A food processor.
    • Spinning blades are a part of food processors.
      By: gawriloff
      Spinning blades are a part of food processors.