What are the Different Beauty Therapist Jobs?

Jeany Miller

Beauty therapists often work with clients to improve their appearance. A combination of products and procedures may be applied to obtain the desired results. As a result of the usual flexibility in this field, beauty therapist jobs may be available in spas, department stores and salons. Some therapists may also choose to work as consultants, while others may wish to work in medical clinics or with the business aspect of beauty therapy. Each of these specializations may hold different educational requirements, with international certification is available from some governing bodies.

Beauty therapists often advise clients on how to enhance their personal appearance with cosmetics.
Beauty therapists often advise clients on how to enhance their personal appearance with cosmetics.

Beauty therapists often advise clients on how to enhance their personal appearance with cosmetic and hair products. Duties may include toning skin with electrical treatments, removing unwanted hair with wax or electrolysis and applying makeup to enhance natural features. Customers may consult a beauty therapist when starting a new position, during vacation or before a wedding. Beauty therapist jobs, therefore, may be available in salons, spas, hotels, large department stores or medical clinics.

Beauty therapists might help someone conceal unsightly skin blemishes.
Beauty therapists might help someone conceal unsightly skin blemishes.

A sample beauty therapist job description may require the employee to introduce newly-launched products to customers that pertain to their skin or hair needs. The therapist may thus need to test products before using them on clients to have knowledge of their healing properties or cosmetic qualities. Additional functions may include advising customers of beauty treatments and using those products that provide complete makeup and hair results.

Beauty therapy generally encompasses a number of different treatments, each of which is usually intended to provide a different result. In a spa, for example, the therapist may give facials, body wraps or localized massages. Some of these techniques are purported stimulate blood flow, while others may brighten skin and remove surface toxins. After the therapy, a customer may have the opportunity to purchase products as recommended to him or her.

Makeup application is another area in which beauty therapist jobs may be available. Department store makeup counters, hair salons and day spas may hold such positions. In these environments, the therapist often counsels clients on color palettes, skin cleansing and moisturizing. The therapist may also apply makeup for demonstration purposes or prepare the client for a wedding, fashion show or job interview.

Common beauty therapist duties may also lend themselves to consultant positions. In this sense, the therapist may act as a personal shopper and help the client put together a complete look with clothes, hair and cosmetics. Apparel and makeup choices may be professionally selected based on a client’s body shape and skin tone, while hair products may be purchased to complement naturally curly or straight locks. As a consultant, the therapist often does not perform beauty techniques but rather helps the client select those products that are most ideal for his or her needs.

In some cases, medical clinics also offer beauty treatments to correct skin disorders, camouflage scars or work with clients who have had reconstructive surgery. These beauty therapist jobs are often specialized and may use advanced methods like peel treatments, laser therapy and skin tags. Goals may vary by client, with some aimed to reduce the appearance of veins and others to remove tattoos. Semi-permanent makeup application may be another aspect of this work, in which patients hope to conceal birth marks or other skin discolorations.

Some beauty therapists may also find work in health clubs or other member-oriented facilities. Key job functions may focus on business development rather than cosmetics or spa treatments. To illustrate, this type of beauty therapist job may facilitate marketing initiatives and communicate to members those services that pertain to beauty and health. This position may also monitor the treatments most actively sought by members and track product sales. Inventory control of spa or health products may be another crucial function.

Beauty therapist training is likely to depend on a person’s desired specialty. Completing a program for esthetician licensure, for example, may prepare one to work in skincare and makeup application. Medical assistant programs may be valuable for those who wish to pursue work in patient clinics. International bodies like The Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) and The International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) provide certification specifically in beauty therapy. People may also need to comply with local or national statutes concerning regional credentials.

Massage therapy is one type of beauty therapy.
Massage therapy is one type of beauty therapy.

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