What are the Different Bank Manager Jobs?

Patrick Roland

The bank manager is an important job within any financial institution and makes decisions that steer the success of the bank. Every manager must perform a variety of bank manager jobs that differ from day to day. From financial manager, to human resources manager, to operations manager and even customer relations manager, this job is not short on variety. A strong manager will be able to juggle these varied responsibilities to ensure the entire operation operates smoothly.

A bank manager is responsible for keeping existing accounts and bringing in more revenue.
A bank manager is responsible for keeping existing accounts and bringing in more revenue.

The biggest of the bank manager jobs is undoubtedly the financial management responsibilities, because a bank lives and dies by its finances. The bank manager duties require an ability to not only keep existing accounts, but bring in more revenue. This is frequently accomplished by working with the bank's president and its marketing department to develop incentives and programs that will entice new business. Many smaller banks do not have a marketing department, so the manager frequently handles all of these aspects personally. Strengthening loan departments, mortgage and finance departments is another aspect of the bank manager job, ranging from adjusting interest rates to holding contests.

Bank managers help steer the success of a bank.
Bank managers help steer the success of a bank.

The financial side of bank manager jobs might be essential to the organization's profitability, but the human resources side generally takes up most of the manager's time. This deals with hiring, firing, reprimanding and rewarding employees, but also training. The manager must review bank procedure policies frequently and ensure employees are following these rules. This means leading training sessions and holding workshops so every teller and employee understands the rules.

Customer relations can be one of the most difficult and rewarding aspects of all the bank manager jobs. This requires the manager to take calls and personal visits from disgruntled customers and create solutions to problems. Issues frequently range from rude employees, to unsatisfactory bank practices to a broken ATM. A bank manager listens to all issues and uses these chances to improve the bank and make it more customer-friendly.

Of all the bank manager jobs, the side that deals with building operations is usually the least glamorous. Larger banks frequently include these duties in assistant bank manager jobs. This part of the job deals with repairs, cleanings, and security updates. If a door is broken, the manager or assistant manager calls it in. If the floors need waxing, a manager schedules it and dozens of other small duties that keep a bank in running order.

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