What are the Best Ways for Dealing with Leaking Basements?

K. Gierok
K. Gierok
To prevent basement leaks, all foundation cracks should be sealed.
To prevent basement leaks, all foundation cracks should be sealed.

Dealing with leaking basements can be very frustrating indeed. In order to have the best results when it comes to dealing with leaking basements, individuals should start by pinpointing the origin of the leak. While in some cases, fixing a broken or damaged pipe may be enough to prevent future basement leaks, those caused by poor drainage or foundation cracks may require the application of basement sealants. In addition, installing a drainage tile or changing the slope of a yard may be an effective way to prevent the development of future basement leaks.

One of the most important first steps for dealing with leaking basements involves the identification of the leak. In many cases, a leak may come from cracks in the basement foundation, though a broken or leaky pipe can also be to blame. While some individuals who have experience in contracting may be able to identify the source of the leak on their own, in most cases, a contractor will be required to pinpoint the exact origin. The contractor who constructed the building is usually the best person to contact, as he or she will have the most experience with the intricacies of the facility in question.

If a broken or leaky pipe has caused a leak, the pipe should be replaced as soon as possible. A leak that was caused simply by cracks in the basement walls or floor, or by poor exterior drainage patterns, can be remedied by the application of a basement sealant. Homeowners can usually apply sealant with relative ease; several coats of the sealant will usually be required to completely prevent future leaks.

Those who have more severe leaks, or for whom sealants are not successful or appropriate, may need to consider the use of drainage tiles. A drainage tile consists of a trench that is built under the basement, and which aids in the drainage of water away from the basement walls and floor. Though this product usually requires a contractor for installation, and may be very expensive, it is one of the best ways to deal with leaking basements.

In some cases, changing the slope of the surrounding yard may be a feasible option for those frustrated with leaking basements. A yard that slopes towards a house is a likely cause of basement leaks, as water tends to pool near the foundation. Sloping the yard away from the foundation allows water to drain away from this area.

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    • To prevent basement leaks, all foundation cracks should be sealed.
      By: zimmytws
      To prevent basement leaks, all foundation cracks should be sealed.