What Are the Best Updos for round Faces?

Donna Tinus

The round face shape is characterized by fullness at the cheeks that tapers off slightly at the top and bottom. Hairstyles that provide fullness at the top and bottom elongate and flatter the woman with a round face. The best updos for round faces have height on top, combined with side-swept bangs and small fringes framing and softening the face. Updos to avoid are anything that is full on the sides, or any style that adds width to the face, giving the illusion of further roundness.

Hot rollers are a common tool used to create updos for people with round faces.
Hot rollers are a common tool used to create updos for people with round faces.

When wearing an updo, a woman with a round face should avoid pulling her hair back tightly around her face. This will accentuate the fullness of her face and is one of the worst updos for round faces. A side part with sweeping bangs will help to minimize the fullness. A few tendrils left to frame the face will camouflage the wideness at the ears. If bangs are desired, they should be of the wispy fringe variety and not cut straight across the forehead.

A good updo that can be worn for formal or casual occasions is the French twist with height. If the hair is set in large hot rollers before putting it up, it will help to provide height. After the rollers cool and are removed, the crown should be back combed. The rest of the hair is rolled up in a French twist and pinned in place. Allowing the ends to softly curl around the top of the twist will elongate the round face, creating one of the best updos for round faces.

If styling a French twist is difficult, someone with a round face my use a hair claw for a simple updo. After removing the hot rollers and back combing the crown, the hair is simply gathered at the neck and twisted. The hair claw is applied at the height of the twist, leaving the loose ends at the top. If her hair is long, someone with a round face may curl the ends to de-emphasize facial fullness. This helps fulfill the requirement that updos for round faces should add fullness to the top.

Another one of the best updos for round faces is the half updo. The hair can be pulled back from the top and sides and formed into a bun or chignon at the crown.

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