What Are the Best Tips for Wrought Iron Decor?

Dan Cavallari

Wrought iron decor can add a touch of beauty and elegance to most interior or exterior spaces, but it is important to consider which wrought iron pieces are available and what will work best in a particular space. Some wrought iron is not iron at all; it is instead made from steel and is fashioned to simply look like wrought iron. It is important to know the difference between true wrought iron decor and pieces made from other materials so the consumer can be aware of fair pricing as well as the strength of the unit being purchased.

Spiral staircase with wrought iron railing.
Spiral staircase with wrought iron railing.

True wrought iron decor is much more difficult to find today than it has been in decades past, primarily because making wrought iron is more difficult than other processes, such as working with cast iron or steel. Being able to recognize true wrought iron can help a homeowner determine whether a price for a particular piece is fair, and it will also help the homeowner know what kind of maintenance will be involved with owning the piece. True wrought iron will often feature a grainy look from the slag created during the iron working process, so it is one way to recognize true wrought iron.

A wrought iron headboard.
A wrought iron headboard.

It is not always necessary to purchase a significant amount of wrought iron decor to make it noticeable or worthwhile. Simple accents can go a long way: coat hooks, hinges, plant hangers, and shelf brackets are all fairly inexpensive pieces that can make a significant impact on the aesthetic of a room. Brackets and hinges are especially useful when combined with woods that showcase naturally beautiful grains: the wrought iron can lend an accent to the wood's natural beauty without being an overpowering presence.

Larger pieces, such as railings, spiral staircases, and doors will be significantly more expensive than other types of wrought iron decor, so it is important to consider the price of such units before purchasing. True wrought iron and cast iron will need some maintenance, as moisture can lead to rust that will need to be sanded or otherwise removed. This is especially true if the railing or staircase is located outside where it will be regularly exposed to rain and/or snow. Doors may also need such maintenance, especially if it is a door that leads to the outside of the home.

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