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What Are the Best Tips for Tourism Industry Development?

Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim

Tourism is an industry that encompasses a wide range of factors, including transportation, restaurants and other hospitality facilities, local places of attraction, and other related aspects like car rentals. The best tips for tourism industry development would be those that lead to the integration and greater cohesiveness between all of the identified factors, while maintaining a healthy balance with the available resources in terms of natural and human resources. To this end, the tourism industry development tips include the analysis of the different local tourism environments with the aim of applying a developmental process that fits the various unique environments. This also involves the application of more responsible behavior toward the attainment of developmental goals as well as the enactment of laws and regulations by the various communities aimed at encouraging development.

Since the tourism industry is split along the lines of local, national and international practices, the particular type of tourism industry development tips will include an analysis of the unique factors in place in the area under consideration with the aim of finding the exact type of developmental goals to pursue. For instance, the type of tourism practices in place in an area where the main points of attractions are deserts will differ from the exact type of practice in coastal areas where the main attractions are related to the water. A place like Egypt would have different considerations from a place like Alaska or even the Bahamas, and these considerations will help in the development of tourism. The level of development for the society or community of the local tourism will also play a key role in the type of tourism industry development for that region. As such, less-developed countries will have their own peculiar sets of challenges that may differ significantly from that of more developed countries.

Tourists visiting the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.
Tourists visiting the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

An example of how the tourism industry development in a less-developed country can differ from that in a more developed country can be seen in the area of challenges that are presented by a lack of adequate transportation, a lack of stability in the government, and a lack of the technology needed to enhance communication and other desirable factors. A tourism industry development application that can help build the industry is the enactment of laws by the various governments and local governments aimed at improving the tourist trade. Such laws could include the reduction of custom duties that tourists have to pay, or the reduction of the tax on their purchases.

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    • Tourists visiting the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.
      By: alexxich
      Tourists visiting the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.
    • Tourism focuses on the attractions offered by a geographic area, such as a beach.
      By: carballo
      Tourism focuses on the attractions offered by a geographic area, such as a beach.