What Are the Best Tips for Throwing a Zebra Print Party?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen
Pin the Tail on the Donkey can easily be changed to Pin the Tail on the Zebra for a zebra print party.
Pin the Tail on the Donkey can easily be changed to Pin the Tail on the Zebra for a zebra print party.

When throwing a zebra print party, a number of things may add to the theme and make for a more memorable experience. Zebra games, decorations, and clothing can all add to the festive feel of the party. It may be wise to create a party budget before shopping for zebra print items.

There are some basic steps that can set the tone for a zebra print party. Many party hosts like to begin by making or purchasing zebra print invitations. Zebra print decorations are also usually a significant part of a zebra print themed party. Decorations may be available at a variety of local and online party supply stores. Many people prefer to create their own zebra print decorations from regular craft supplies.

For those having difficulty locating zebra print items, it may be easier to transform normal party decorations into zebra themed items. Using a black marker to quickly make a zebra design on white streamers, for example, is both easy and inexpensive. Many other common decorations can be altered with ease, particularly black or white items.

If a zebra print party is for a child, there are a number of themed activities that could be fun. For example, pin the tail on the donkey is typical kids party game that can easily be changed to pin the tail on the zebra. Zebra print piƱatas and other games could be altered easily as well.

Financial considerations are of great importance when planning for a zebra print party. A person throwing a zebra print party needs to think about how much money they have to spend. Creating a budget can be a very helpful tool and can aid in deciding the scope of the party. People with more money to spend may have the option to purchase many pre-designed zebra print items to use at a party. Cost-conscious people may choose to create most of the zebra print items, using patterns purchased from local stores, hobby shops, or online suppliers.

When throwing a zebra print party, the person making arrangements may need to consider not only his or her own financial situation but possibly the amount of money the guests may be willing to spend. Party hosts that have access to adequate funds sometimes like to pay for all zebra print items for the party. Other people hosting parties may choose to ask guests to bring along their own zebra print materials or clothing. By considering the finances of potential guests, a party planner can take steps to ensure that party attendees have the means to acquire specific zebra printed items to bring or wear to the party.

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This is actually a really cute theme idea for a party. You could give the guests zebra-print manicures and go with a diva theme so everyone would arrive dressed up and sparkly.

Or you could go for jungle animals in general, which would be completely different but just as fun, particularly for kids.


@Iluviaporos - I don't know if I would go absolutely crazy with the different colors in zebra print part decorations. It's already a very bold design and it's going to look best matched with a single solid color. If you want lots of different colored prints, I would make the solid color black so people have something to clear their palate so to speak. Otherwise they are going to be overwhelmed and will stop noticing all the little details.

If you're going for glamour, however, I'd stick to the classic black and white print, possibly matched with solid pink or orange. It doesn't have to be boring, as there are a lot of ways to play it. You might want to use that duct tape to wrap the handles of the cutlery, for example. It's little touches like that which can make an event special.


The most important zebra print party supply would be zebra print duct tape. You can get it in quite a few colors and it could be used to transform almost anything to make it appropriate for the party.

Just remember it's not necessarily going to come off cleanly, so I wouldn't stick it on anything too valuable.

You could do things like cutting it into the shape of a heart and using it to spruce up generic gift bags and things like that though.

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    • Pin the Tail on the Donkey can easily be changed to Pin the Tail on the Zebra for a zebra print party.
      Pin the Tail on the Donkey can easily be changed to Pin the Tail on the Zebra for a zebra print party.