What Are the Best Tips for Throwing a Pirate-Themed Party?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley
Pirate-themed accessories such as favors and accessories might be found at some party stores.
Pirate-themed accessories such as favors and accessories might be found at some party stores.

Whether used to celebrate a special occasion or just for fun, a pirate-themed party is often enjoyed by children and adults alike. Incorporating the theme throughout the party’s décor, food, and other elements is one way individuals might have a great party. In addition, advance planning and adequate activities help create a successful pirate-themed party. Extras such as asking guests to dress up in costumes typically make the event fun as well.

There are many ways people may incorporate this theme into their event. Invitations might be created in the shape of a pirate item or printed on stationary that shows the focus of the gathering. A pirate-themed party is typically a great occasion to showcase items such as treasure chest cakes, snacks served in containers shaped like ships, and other party food. Décor, favors, and accessories can often be relevant as well. Researching ideas on the Internet and in books or magazines is one way to get ideas about ways to throw a themed party such as this.

Advance planning is usually important for the success of a pirate-themed party. Individuals can benefit from having time to figure out how the theme will be carried out throughout the event’s food and décor, as well as what activities might be planned for the party. While there is no set guideline for how long people should spend planning, it is typically a good idea for them to start as soon as they know when they would like to have their event. This might also present the host or hostess with the opportunity to enlist help from others.

Having activities at a pirate-themed party might be a good idea if individuals would like to keep guests busy or provide them with a fun way to spend their time. For children this might mean coloring, crafts, or games common in a certain region. Gatherings that are predominantly attended by adults might feature games or activities as well, although these are often not the focal point of the event. As with other aspects of the party, these could potentially reflect the theme.

Some people choose to really make their pirate-themed party memorable by doing something such as asking guests to wear costumes. This is often fun for adults and kids alike, and can be a fun way to see the creativity of others. Some might choose to make their own costumes while others purchase their outfits. Both typically yield a great array of styles and colors that might make a party even more fun.

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Pirate themed parties are fun but they require a lot of decorations that are not easy to make yourself. For instance, you can throw together a fourth of July party really easily with just some red white and blue streamers. But pirate parties usually take a lot of props and you might find yourself spending big bucks on inflatable palm trees and stuffed parrots at the party store.


What kind of food would you recommend serving at a pirate themed party? I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with "pirate" food and I am completely at a loss. I just keep coming back to coconuts and pineapples, but these are not really piratey and the party is going to need more food than that.

I am a big believer that any good party should have more than tiny little finger foods. If people are going to be drinking and spending hours together they should have the chance to east something substantial. It does not have to be a turkey dinner but maybe sandwiches or meats and cheeses. I need to have more than just fruit. What do pirates eat?


I think having a good rum punch is key for having a successful pirate themed party. As a person that has thrown many parties I can say from experience that the drinks you serve are probably the most important part of any party. The better the drinks are and the more of them that people have the more they will get into the theme.

I had a pirate themed party and I made gallons of run punch with fruit floating on top. It went down easy and really put the pirate fire into you. By the end of the night half the party was ready to take to the high seas.

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    • Pirate-themed accessories such as favors and accessories might be found at some party stores.
      By: Michele Sacchetti
      Pirate-themed accessories such as favors and accessories might be found at some party stores.