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What Are the Best Tips for Shipping Luggage?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

Shipping luggage is a process that should be given proper thought. The shipper should consider how she packs the luggage and should compare the rates of shipping services. It is important to consider import and export restrictions for international shipping. When expensive items are included in the baggage, it is usually a good idea to obtain insurance.

Luggage that must be shipped for a fee should be thoughtfully packed. The dimensions and the weight of a parcel can drastically affect the costs of shipping it. Eliminating unnecessary items can be helpful. For example, a person shipping luggage with clothing may be able to reduce the weight and use more compact baggage if she removes the apparel from clothes hangers. Unless new items are for resale or gifts, an individual can also benefit from removing products from his packages.

New expensive luggage may or may not be handled with care.
New expensive luggage may or may not be handled with care.

Though it can be time consuming, individuals should compare the options for shipping luggage. Depending on the size of the parcels, there may be significant costs involved. Certain shipping options tend to be substantially higher than others. As many people believe that their choices are limited, they may pay these rates unnecessarily.

When comparing options, the value of the items shipped should be weighed against the cost of the service. A person who is sending fairly inexpensive items should try to avoid paying for the most expensive shipping services. When expensive items are included in the luggage, individuals should determine if the shipping agent provides insurance. If so, the amount of coverage should be considered. If the provided insurance is inadequate, serious consideration should be given to paying for extra coverage.

A confirmation of delivery is often used by luggage shipping services.
A confirmation of delivery is often used by luggage shipping services.

Different countries have different rules about what may be sent from or accepted into their jurisdiction. Before a person pays for international luggage shipping, she should make sure that she is abiding by both countries' laws. If not, her luggage could be confiscated and, in some cases, criminal charges could be filed. Furthermore, it is very unlikely that the shipper will be given a refund.

When an individual is shipping luggage that she must retrieve, it is best to make the parcel identifiable. As people often choose similar looking luggage, it is common for mix-ups to occur. The remedy for this problem can require a lot of time and add to the expense. In some instances, the situation is not remedied, and a person's possession are forever lost. In addition to name tags or labels, individuals should consider putting unique marks on their baggage or adding identifiable ornamentation.

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The one time I've ever had to use any kind of luggage shipping service was when I was doing a hiking trip over a month or so. I couldn't carry everything I needed (particularly food) for the whole month, so I hired a service to ship in a bag for me at the half way point.

You can organize this kind of thing yourself, but honestly it's so important I preferred to rely on people who had done it plenty of times before. If you are thinking about doing this, definitely consider using a company that specializes in your particular hike.


@bythwell - I often end up traveling with a group anyway when I'm in a foreign country. I tend to stick to hostels and people just naturally fall in together. So, a couple of times I've managed to share a shipping charge with people.

It only really works if you are talking about shipping your things home in a shipping contain though. They aren't priced by weight, but by size, so if you managed to fit everything together well, you can cram quite a few things in.

You might want to think about doing this before the end of your trip though, because it takes a relatively long time to reach other parts of the world. And pack very carefully.

I'm usually pretty good at cushioning my items but I've had other people not be so careful and things can get smashed that way.


It can be much cheaper getting all those souvenirs home if you go into a small crate with a bunch of other travelers. Often backpackers or other tourists will follow roughly the same route, when they are from the same country. Just because there is usually an entry point (for example, Los Angeles is one of the main entry points for the Western United States) that everyone uses as their last stop.

If you stay at this point for an extra day or two and put up a notice about shipping things together, you can often bring the price down. You have to find people who are all from the same country you are though, and preferably from the same city.

It can be worth it, though, if you have a lot of stuff, but not enough to justify getting a whole shipping crate to yourself.

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    • New expensive luggage may or may not be handled with care.
      By: varandah
      New expensive luggage may or may not be handled with care.
    • A confirmation of delivery is often used by luggage shipping services.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      A confirmation of delivery is often used by luggage shipping services.