What Are the Best Tips for Roasting Silverside?

Lee Johnson

The best tips for roasting silverside are to cook the meat for a long time in the oven, to cook it in stock, to braise the meat prior to cooking, and to season the meat prior to cooking. Depending on how the guests would like their meat cooked, the chef should cook it for different lengths of time depending on its weight. For rare, the meat should be cooked for around 11 minutes per pound (450 grams), and for medium, the time goes up to 14 minutes. Alternatively, slow-cooking the meat can provide a more tender result; a pound should be cooked for just over an hour at 275°F (140°C).

Slow-cooking silverside in stock will result in a tender roast.
Slow-cooking silverside in stock will result in a tender roast.

It's best to braise the meat prior to cooking it. The process of braising essentially seals the meat so the juices can’t escape. Chefs braise meat by coating it in a rub with flour, salt, and pepper and shallow-frying it in the baking tray until the meat is brown all over. This locks in all the fat and the flavor it contains, and results in a much more succulent joint of meat. Silverside roasts, like most cuts of beef, benefit from this process.

Cooking the roast slowly will keep it from drying out.
Cooking the roast slowly will keep it from drying out.

Seasoning is also important. Generally, the seasoning mixture can be added to the flour that coats the meat before braising. Salt and pepper are recommended, as are herbs such as thyme and parsley. These can enhance the flavor of the meat and should be added according to the tastes of the chef’s guests.

Roasting silverside while it is submerged in a stock can further add moisture to the finished dish. Using a beef stock can enhance the flavor of the meat, and it is often combined with a red wine for additional depth of flavor. Silverside submerged in stock will soak up a lot of moisture from the liquid and therefore turn out a lot juicier than a roast cooked without stock. In addition, keeping a lid on the pot during cooking prevents this moisture from being lost due to evaporation.

Slow-cooking can help prevent the silverside from becoming too dry. The best results come from cooking a joint over a low temperature for a longer period of time. Cooking the meat at 275°F (140°C) prevents it from drying out. A 2.5 pound (1.15 kilogram) silverside joint should be cooked for around three hours for the best result.

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I mix English mustard powder with some flour and coat it in that to shallow fry it prior to slow roasting.


A crock pot is a great tool for cooking silverside. You just put the meat in with any veggies and stock you want, set it to cook on low all day and by the time the sun comes down you have the most tender roast you have ever tasted. It couldn't be easier.


What kind of seasonings do you guys like to use on silverside? I know that salt and pepper work great and probably garlic, but surely there are other spices I could use to kick up the flavor of the meat.

I especially like hot stuff so maybe some kind of chili powered or cayenne? Any other suggestions?

Silverside can be great roasted but the key is to cook it low and slow. Silverside is not as tough a cut of meat as, say, brisket, but it is still not considered a premium cut of beef. I think with beef you do what you want with the best parts and then take everything else and either grind it up into hamburger or slow cook it to bring out all its best qualities.

My mother used to make a silverside roast all the time for Sunday dinner. She would roast that thing for most of the afternoon and then serve it up with vegetables, fresh bread, beer, milk, the works.

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