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What are the Best Tips for Profit Calculation?

Saoirse O'Mara
Saoirse O'Mara

Profit calculation is needed for various reasons. A new entrepreneur might need a profit calculation to get a loan. Companies might need profit calculations to keep track of whether they are meeting certain goals. Another reason might be to check whether a new product has enough potential or can be produced cost-effectively enough to help the company. The best tips for profit calculation are to determine all of the costs by category, which will help ensure that no cost are forgotten, and to make sure that the projection of incoming revenues is as accurate as possible.

Profit calculation should begin with a calculation of all fixed costs, such as monthly rent for offices or buildings. Fixed costs have to be paid even if the company does no business during the month. The next type of costs to calculate are varying costs, which include the monthly cost of things such as stamps and office supplies. Although these items can vary from month to month, they often amount to a similar total each month. The third step is to calculate all of the costs directly related to doing business, such as production costs, transportation costs and salaries.

Calculating profit allows a company to make important decisions.
Calculating profit allows a company to make important decisions.

These steps should provide a total of all of the money that the company must pay out each month. The next series of steps involves the company calculating all of the money that it will bring in each month. Fixed orders for goods or services can be calculated easily. Previous months, either the most recent months or the same months in previous years, can provide an estimation of additional orders or sales that can be expected. Projecting future orders or sales can be the most difficult part of profit calculation.

Although subtracting all of the monthly costs from all of the monthly revenues can give a profit calculation, production companies also must take into consideration any unsold inventory that was produced. Although these items cost the company to produce them and didn't generate any revenues in the month, they still are assets that can be sold for future revenues. Including these items in a profit calculation can provide a more accurate reading of a company's profit.

These figures can be used in a business plan for a bank, for further profit analysis in regard to profit goals, for plans on how to use unsold inventory and for investment planning. The company might decide that it needs to do more marketing to increase its orders or sales, or it might use the calculation to decide to take out a loan in order to purchase new equipment that will allow it to do more business or to be more cost effective. A profit calculation should be updated on a regular basis so that increases, decreases and other developments can be seen. These changes also can help the company make important business decisions.

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    • Calculating profit allows a company to make important decisions.
      By: Dmitry
      Calculating profit allows a company to make important decisions.