What Are the Best Tips for Preparing Healthy Chicken Wings?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud
Chicken wings may be broiled to make a healthier appetizer.
Chicken wings may be broiled to make a healthier appetizer.

Preparing healthy chicken wings can be done in a number of ways. All of the elements that make wings unhealthy can be altered to reduce calories, sodium, fat, and other undesirables. Sometimes, this reduction in flavorful elements can significantly decrease enjoyment. The best chefs and amateur cooks have found ways to maintain flavor while making healthy chicken wings. Keeping an eye on cooking method, type of wing, and sauces used can all contribute to making this classic meal as healthy and flavorful as possible.

The method used to cook wings is the first thing to consider when trying to make healthy chicken wings. Boiling is a method that uses extremely hot water to cook chicken, and broiling refers to a high-heat oven used to cook wings through and through. These two methods are the most healthy. Frying requires the use of oil, which is high and fat and calories, but oil does give wings their classic fatty flavor. With the right sauces, this potential loss of flavor can be made up for by broiling or boiling the wings.

It's important to choose the most lean wing possible. Some chicken wings may be more fatty than others. Sometimes, cooks use skin or breading when making chicken wings. Naked wings, without these elements, are the most healthy. It's best to choose a lean, skinless variety when shopping for healthy chicken wings.

After the lean, skinless wings have been broiled or boiled, it's time to add some flavor via sauce. Typical sauces are high in butter content and also may have significant sodium levels. Minimizing the addition of salt and using less butter, or a butter substitute, are useful ways to make a more healthy choice.

A wing lover does not necessarily need to sacrifice all of the flavor in the world to make healthy chicken wings. Using at least one or two of these healthy methods when preparing healthy chicken wings can cut down on negative effects. Perhaps someone who really wants to be healthy but also really enjoys wings can try to eliminate one unhealthy element at a time.

A healthy cooking method may be the first step while still using the same sauce and wing. Once this wing lover acclimates to the process, he or she may try to reduce the sauce to a healthier version. Lastly, they may choose to compromise the skin or fat concentration of the actual wing. Healthy chicken wings can actually be an enjoyable treat if these methods are perfected.

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    • Chicken wings may be broiled to make a healthier appetizer.
      By: Joshua Resnick
      Chicken wings may be broiled to make a healthier appetizer.