What are the Best Tips for Powder Coating Wheels?

Lori Kilchermann

When powder coating wheels, it is important that the wheels be free of any dirt, debris and old finish. One tip to ensure a clean and properly prepared platform is to have the wheel sandblasted prior to coating it. Sandblasting removes all traces of paint, polish and rust from the wheel. Another tip is to thoroughly wipe the surface with a quality grease and wax remover before powder coating wheels. This will ensure that the powder coating adheres evenly to the wheel, resulting in a smooth and even finish.

Powder coating is used because it produces a durable finish even when driven frequently on rough terrain.
Powder coating is used because it produces a durable finish even when driven frequently on rough terrain.

Powder coating wheels is a popular finishing technique due to the extremely durable finish it produces. The finish is created by first cleaning the wheels to remove any foreign matter such as rust, paint or chrome plating. A tip for creating a glass-like finish when powder coating wheels is to apply transparent powder over a chrome wheel. As the powder coating cures, it will develop into a glass-like translucent finish in the color of the powder used. For a typical operation, the wheel's surface should be bare steel or very clean aluminum.

The best tip when powder coating wheels is to use a reputable coating company. Successfully powder coating wheels is dependent on the proper oven temperature as well as the proper time in the oven. Powder coating involves a charged powder being applied onto a grounded surface. Once the product is covered with powder, it is placed into an oven and baked. This melts the powder coating onto the surface of the product and creates a very durable coating that is scratch- and chip-resistant. Research into the reputation of the powder coater's clientele will determine the level of satisfaction that accompanies the finished product.

In order to avoid damage to powder-coated wheels when installing them onto a vehicle, masking tape is placed inside and around the edge of the lug nut wrench being used in the installation. Failure to take this precautionary step can lead to scratches around the lug nuts from incidental contact between the wrench and the fresh powder coating. Another tip that could potentially save a wheel from damage is to place masking or painter's tape around the bead of the wheel prior to mounting the tire on the wheel. This may prevent damage to the lip of the wheel and eliminate the need to re-powder coat it in order to cover-up damage caused from mounting the tires.

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