What Are the Best Tips for Pout Lips?

Andrea Cross

A full, voluptuous pout is considered by many to be an indication of both youth and sensuality so much so that surgery and Botox injections are commonplace among women looking to achieve a plumper pout. This look is, however, obtainable without the use of Botox or surgery by following a number of simple tricks. Tips for perfect pout lips include the use of lip-plumping products, the clever application of makeup, and the perfect pouty pose.

A woman applying lipstick.
A woman applying lipstick.

Before you apply any product to your lips, make sure they are in good condition. Exfoliate your lips either with a specially designed lip scrub or a soft toothbrush. Only use these items, however, as harsher products can actually damage your lips. Moisturize your lips regularly with a lip conditioner. You can also fill out your lips gradually with antiaging lipstick or lip smoother, which can help to fill in fine lines over time, making lips look fuller.

Products with capsaicin, a chemical that gives red peppers their heat, can be used to plump the lips.
Products with capsaicin, a chemical that gives red peppers their heat, can be used to plump the lips.

Lip-plumping gloss is advertised as providing the wearer with plump, full pout lips. These products do actually work by causing the lips to swell. The swelling of the lips is due to ingredients such as capsicum, cinnamon, and black pepper, which irritate the skin of the lips and cause the blood vessels to dilate. The effect is temporary and produces a tingling or burning feeling on your lips. If you don't mind that, then plumping gloss can be a great way to get sexy pout lips.

When you don't want get a plump pout by irritating your lips but still want to enhance your thin or even normal-sized mouth, cleverly applied makeup is your best bet. Lighter, glossier shades of lipstick immediately add a touch of fullness. The illusion of plumpness can also be achieved by dabbing a dot of clear gloss on both your upper and bottom lips at the centers. Finally, a light dusting of beige or taupe eye shadow along your upper lip can increase your pout by making your smaller upper lip appear more in proportion to your bigger bottom one. Be careful, though, to use a color very similar to your own skin, or else you will look like you are sporting a mustache.

Lip liner and lipstick can also be used to enhance pout lips. Use a lip liner that is very similar in color to your natural lips; avoid dark ones because they tend to look more obvious. Apply the lipstick before the lip liner, otherwise the lipstick will wear off first, and you will be left with a very obvious ring around your mouth. Once you have applied your lipstick, apply the liner by dabbing it along the edges of your lips, pushing the liner and the lipstick together just over your natural lip line. The resulting look is fuller but still natural.

Another good tip is to use a shimmery highlighter, which can make lips look even bigger. When showing off your pout lips, it is best to practice your pout pose a few times in front of the mirror. Do not overpout, but part your lips a bit, and stick your bottom lip out slightly. Never push your top lip out too much because this causes wrinkling around your mouth and makes you look like you are sucking lemons. When you find a pout that looks good, memorize how it feels, and practice to get it perfect.

Lip injections may give the appearance of a plump pout for a few months.
Lip injections may give the appearance of a plump pout for a few months.

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