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What are the Best Tips for Paving a Stone Driveway?

Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch

Paving a stone driveway is a process that can be completed by following a few simple tips. The area that has been marked out because the driveway needs to be dug up. The width and depth of the hole must accommodate the layers of sand and gravel that will be added as well as the edging. Add a sand and gravel mixture, lay sand on top, and install plastic edging around the edge of the driveway. When laying the stone, work from bottom to top before sweeping additional sand between the gaps in the bricks.

After deciding the material that will be used when paving a stone driveway, prepare the site. This entails digging out the area to be paved. The depth of the hole depends on the height of the stone being used. In general, the hole should be the height of the stone plus 6 inches (15 cm). This additional depth is required for bedding material.

Gravel may be used in paving a stone driveway.
Gravel may be used in paving a stone driveway.

It is also important to dig the hole approximately 8 inches (20 cm) beyond the edge of the driveway. This additional area is needed because edging must be added when paving a stone driveway. After the hole is dug, ensure that it is flat by using a shovel to smooth out the area.

Fill the whole area that has just been dug with a mixture of sand and gravel. This layer should be about 5 inches (13 cm) deep and must be raked to make it smooth. Use a vibrator plate to make the mixture firm. Be careful not to leave footprints in the hole.

An additional layer of sand about 1 inch (3 cm) thick should be placed on top of the sand and gravel mixture. This is a key element of paving a stone driveway; if this sand is not smooth, it will cause the whole driveway to be uneven. Use a long plank of wood to make sure the layer of sand is even all over.

The last piece of preparation when paving a stone driveway involves the installation of edging. Use black plastic edging designed for use with paving bricks. Place the edging around the perimeter while making sure the tabs of the edging are facing away from where the bricks will be laid. Keep the edging installed with long nails which can be hammered in the tabs.

The bricks should always be laid at the bottom of the driveway first. Continue laying the bricks from bottom to top until the entire procedure is completed. Use the vibrator plate again to keep the bricks compact and even. Place sand on the bricks and sweep it between the gaps in the bricks. Fill the edge of the driveway with soil and use a rake to make it smooth.

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    • Gravel may be used in paving a stone driveway.
      By: nito
      Gravel may be used in paving a stone driveway.