What are the Best Tips for Motorcycle Road Trips?

Erin Oxendine

While many riders find motorcycling enjoyable, it is imperative to follow the rules of the road and put safety first. Some of the best tips for road trips involve bike maintenance, safety, and gear. Planning a trip carefully and being prepared for potential problems can help ensure many fun motorcycle road trips.

Motels can be a good choice for those on road trips.
Motels can be a good choice for those on road trips.

Before embarking on a motorcycle adventure, it is crucial to check the bike's equipment and gauges. The rider should make sure that there he has enough gas, oil, and brake fluid. He should also check the tires for leaks and adequate tread. Other items to inspect in preparation for motorcycle road trips include the filters and battery.

A cross country motorcycle may be better for individuals who plan on following a path that takes them along an unpaved country road.
A cross country motorcycle may be better for individuals who plan on following a path that takes them along an unpaved country road.

Another important tip for bikers to remember is that even though a motorcycle can be exciting, it can also be dangerous. If taking a trip to a new area, it's a good idea for the rider to get a map, check for hazardous roads, and create an itinerary. Riders might want to check the weather forecast before they leave and watch out for slippery roads and ice. The driver may also want to go a little slower than normal around curves and intersections. Individuals on motorcycle road trips should also watch out for other vehicles, especially when riding in heavy traffic.

In many jurisdictions, it is a law that riders must wear bike helmets approved by the department of transportation for that area. Individuals are also at great risk of having a severe or fatal head injury if they do not wear a helmet. In places where it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, an officer could issue the motorcyclist a citation if he is found violating this law.

When going on motorcycle road trips, a good jacket is necessary for comfort and safety. Most motorcycle jackets are made of sturdy nylon or leather, which may minimize damage to the skin in case of an accident. Often these coats have zippers and snaps to make it easy to get the jacket on and off, which is convenient when on a bike. Many people also wear jackets that have removable linings and small air vents to help prevent perspiration.

Individuals may want to pack a small bag that contains first aid supplies, water, and extra food when going on motorcycle road trips. As a precaution, it is also recommended that riders take blankets, travel size toiletries, and raincoats. Extra items such as these come in handy should there be inclement weather or if riders become stranded overnight.

Unfamiliar areas can pose more risk for motorcycle riders.
Unfamiliar areas can pose more risk for motorcycle riders.

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I have heard of some great motorcycle road trips in my life. I had one friend who drove across a few countries in Africa, another who did a trip in Europe and another who tried to copy the famous Guevara trip in South America.

And you know what? Almost every trip I've heard of has had some kind of accident at some point. Maybe not a complete wipeout, but there is always something.

My tip would be to wear a helmet, even if you don't think it's fashionable. It will save your life.

And plan to have an accident. Have a first aid kit, have spare parts, have whatever you can on hand, because inevitably, that accident will be in the middle of nowhere and you'll need to be prepared.

I would say, most importantly, have a smile ready. You're going to be interacting with the locals and a smile can make the difference between help and no help.


@pleonasm - The accident factor is one reason I would make sure that I had a phone number and ID handy on my person as well.

My friend's mother recently suffered a mild stroke and didn't have ID on her when she was found. She was unidentified in hospital for two days before her children finally found her.

If you end up in an accident you could easily be dazed and unable to explain who you are, or who to contact.

Keeping a list of numbers on you, just in case is only common sense for a motorcycle road trip planner.


One of my best tips for any kind of road trip is to make sure someone knows where you are. I know it's tempting to just hoon off into the sunset, and disappear on the road for a while, but there are likely a number of people who would miss you and will worry about you as well.

Not to mention the safety aspect. Even the best riders can have an accident, if nothing else than because they have to share the road with idiots. If you come off the bike in the middle of nowhere, and no one is expecting you, you might have a long wait before you are found.

With cell phones, there's really no excuse to send someone a quick message saying you're going off on a side trip.

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