What are the Best Tips for Mini Bike Racing?

Dan Cavallari

A participant in mini bike racing will need to make sure he or she is familiar with the rules of racing and has built or purchased a mini bike that complies with those rules. The racer will also want to prepare for mini bike racing by practicing regularly on a race course or similar area in the weeks and months leading up to the race or race series. Physical and mental preparations will be necessary, and the rider will also need to be prepared in terms of safety equipment and contingency plans should something break on the bike.

A mini-bike racer should be familiar with all the rules and regulations of riding and racing mini-bikes.
A mini-bike racer should be familiar with all the rules and regulations of riding and racing mini-bikes.

Many people mistakenly believe that mini bike racing is exponentially safer than motocross racing because the bikes are smaller. Mini bikes can, in fact, reach significant speeds, so injury is still possible. A racer will need to practice a significant amount before the race to become comfortable with proper operation of the mini bike, and he or she will need to invest in all the proper safety equipment. Helmets, goggles, gloves, boots, and a chest protector are all necessary pieces of equipment that can help prevent injury during mini bike racing. The racer should invest in properly fitting safety equipment and be familiar with using the pieces properly.

Even though they're small, mini bikes can reach significant speeds, so injuries are still possible.
Even though they're small, mini bikes can reach significant speeds, so injuries are still possible.

The racer should be sure to check with the race series promoters for rules and regulations regarding the size and function of the mini bike. Certain races or race series restrict the size of the engine one can use on the mini bike, so the racer will need to ensure he or she is in compliance with those regulations. Some race series may also require rider insurance, which means the rider will need to research different options before the day of the race. Some offer temporary insurance for the day of the race at an extra cost.

A helpful tip for mini bike racing is to do preparation rides in which several riders are riding the bikes in close proximity, similar to the situation a racer is likely to encounter during a race. This does not necessarily need to occur at a race track, though it is helpful to do so. Racing is much different than simply riding a mini bike, so the rider will need to be prepared for the likelihood of having to make quick steering adjustments, sudden stops and starts, and evasive maneuvers, as well as jumps.

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@Animandel - You make a good point about the cost of motor-bike and mini-bike racing. The sport of racing can be a lot more expensive than signing your kid up for the local soccer or basketball league, and some kids do decide that the sport is not for them after a few races. The races are very competitive and physical and you really have to be dedicated if you want to win or even be halfway decent in the sport.

On the positive side, getting your kid started in the sport can be cheaper when you know where to look for used mini bikes for sale. Like you said, some kids give up the sport and parents are left holding mini bikes they have no use for. You can get really good deals on these lightly used bikes, and you can sometimes find them on website classifieds.

Also, many dealers will have used min dirt bikes and other size motorcycles. You can also buy used parts, so repairs don't have to cost as much as if you had to buy new parts.


I think as a parent, if you are looking for a safe way to get your kids started in racing competition then you might want to begin with BMX competitions. Like the article says, the size of the mini dirt bikes does not make them safer. The good thing about the BMX bikes is that they can go only so fast since they do not have an engine.

The BMX bikes are also much cheaper than the motorized bikes, so if your child decides she doesn't want to continue with the bike racing then you have not spent a fortune on equipment to get her started.

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