What Are the Best Tips for Making Pita Bread Chips?

Brandon May

Pita bread chips are a snack food made from pita bread, a round pocket bread native to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures. There are a couple of different ways to make and prepare pita bread chips, and these ways usually require baking or frying. The addition of various spices, such as cayenne pepper or cinnamon, can create different types of chips with varying flavors and appearances. Pita bread can often be made into dessert chips by baking or frying the pita bread in a coat of sugar and cinnamon, as well as honey, and serving alongside other sweet food items.

Pita bread.
Pita bread.

The most common way of making pita bread chips is baking them in a hot oven, yet traditional cultures may have baked pita bread out in the sun. When baking pita bread to be used as chips, it is best to cut the pita bread into bite-sized pieces before cooking, as cutting the crisp pita bread after the baking process will result in crumbled pita chips. More often than not, olive oil is sprayed on each chip before baking to give the result of a crispy chip. Salt and pepper, as well as other desired spices, should be sprinkled on the chips after the olive oil has been applied.

Pitas generally have two layers that present a pocket after baking.
Pitas generally have two layers that present a pocket after baking.

Often a cook or pita bread chips manufacturer will deep-fry pita bread to create a more conventional type of chip, much like the regular potato chip. This process usually requires more oil so that the chips can be easily cooked in a significantly small amount of time. Slicing the pita bread into chip-like pieces is also mandatory before cooking, yet spraying on oil or sprinkling on spices are not required. Adding spices to the oil itself, rather than applying them to the pita bread before cooking, is usually the best method for giving the pita bread chips more flavor.

Dessert pita chips are not as commonly prepared, but can be made quite easily with the methods of baking and frying. Pita chips can be sprinkled with powdered sugar and spices, like cinnamon or ginger, and can be cooked with coconut oil instead of olive oil. These chips can be served with ice cream or frozen yogurt, or be used on their own as a simpler and somewhat healthier dessert. Fried pita bread is commonly used in dessert dishes, more so than baked pita chips, and can be fried with honey or a powdered sugar coating.

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