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What Are the Best Tips for Making Money on YouTube™?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

The best tip for making money on YouTube™ is to put up quality content. Different people may define quality in different ways, but it is relatively easy to judge what is considered entertaining online by looking at people who consistently put up popular videos. If someone's videos are popular, then that person can monetize those videos in a variety of ways. There are partnership programs, outside agreements, and even individual sponsorship deals that can make videos online profitable. Without popular videos, though, making money on YouTube™ is nearly impossible.

Making money on YouTube™ starts with a video. If someone has a single popular video to which he owns the rights, he is often able to partner with YouTube™ to share in the profits from that individual video. Sometimes, if a video that has gone viral is sufficiently popular, a person can make money from the video by selling the right to air it to different networks. Just because a video is online does not mean that it is not intellectual property, and the popularity created by YouTube™ can create other monetization opportunities. Any video can be popular, so the best tip to keep in mind for making money on YouTube™ this way is to have an eye for humor and to increase the video's popularity using social networks.


Many people go about making money on YouTube™ not with a single video but with a YouTube™ channel. These channels are collections of videos, sometimes taking the form of video logs or short skits. When a person has managed to create a number of successful videos, he or she can apply for a YouTube™ partnership that will allow him or her to generate money from all videos produced, not only the ones that are highly successful. The barriers for entry into this program change over time and may continue to change in the future, but it is safe to say that YouTube™ has an interest in keeping motivated video makers connected to the site. Generally speaking, the best tips for making money this way are to be expressive and target a specific audience, as a dedicated audience creates more views.

Even if someone is not successfully making money on YouTube™ in a direct manner, it is still possible to make money through other alternative strategies relating to the site. People who manage successful channels are often thought of as celebrities in a certain social group. This can lead to free products, endorsements, or even advertising campaigns. Being well known online can have benefits, just like being well known in other industries like film or music. Thinking outside the box about monetization opportunities can be very profitable when trying to make money on YouTube™.

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