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What Are the Best Tips for Making DIY Stables?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A stable is a structure used to house horses and protect them from the elements throughout the year. When considering a project to make DIY stables, the builder will need to take several factors into consideration in order to choose the correct type of structure, as well as the right size, and the right materials for the project. It is best to consider one's budget for building DIY stables first, as this may have an impact on what types of structures will be feasible. A pole barn, for example, is a less expensive option, while a larger timber structure will be more expensive but durable.

The builder will need to consider the storage needs before choosing any plans for DIY stables. The number of horses or other animals to be stabled will be the primary concern, but storage needs for tools, food, hay, or other materials will also need to be taken into consideration. Sometimes it is possible to find plans for DIY stables, or stable kits, that dictate how many horses can be stabled in the structure. If the builder is constructing the structure from scratch, however, he or she will need to take careful measurements of a space and determine how much space is necessary per horse.

Two young boys
Two young boys

The next consideration when making DIY stables is the materials to be used and the design of the structure. Pole barns feature several poles sunk into concrete around the perimeter of the structure; the roof will be supported by these poles. Walls added to the structure will not be load-bearing, which means the cost of the building project will be much lower. The builder will need to determine what type of floor will be used for the structure in this case: some pole barns feature dirt floors, while others rest on a concrete slab. If the floor will be dirt, the builder will need to consider drainage and water run-off concerns.

Building DIY stables can be a complicated process, so if the builder is new to carpentry, it may be best to choose a DIY kit instead of attempting to build the structure from scratch. Before any construction begins, the builder should assemble a team of people who can help build the stable, as it will be necessary to have others on hand to raise walls, build roofs, and otherwise transport materials. All tools required to complete the job should be assembled ahead of time to avoid delays in the construction process.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys