What Are the Best Tips for Making DIY Magnets?

Nicole Etolen

DIY magnets can be a fun way to show off family pictures, advertise a business, or entertain children on a rainy day. They’re easy enough for a beginner crafter to make and require very little supplies. The best tips for making them include choosing high-quality magnet sheets, printing out photos or designs that are scaled to fit the magnet, and using an adhesive that doesn’t mar the design.

Family photos may be used to make DIY magnets.
Family photos may be used to make DIY magnets.

Choosing the right magnet sheet is one of the most important elements of making DIY magnets. Those who are planning to make oddly shaped designs may want to buy an uncut sheet, trace the design, and cut out the magnet themselves. If the project calls for all of the magnets to be the same size, however, going with precut sheets is usually the best option. The magnet itself should be strong enough to be useful, as weak magnets tend to fall down very easily. For rainy day projects with children, parents can opt to use the free magnets that businesses give out to advertise and just cover the design with their own.

After choosing the best magnetic sheets for DIY magnets, crafters will need to ensure that their design fits properly. One of the easiest ways to do this is to print the image out in the dimensions of the magnets, with a small border around the edges for a little leeway. Most home printers come with software that allows users to specify sizes. Those who are having their design printed professionally should be prepared to give the proper dimensions to the printing facility.

The right adhesive can go a long way to helping create beautiful DIY magnets, while the wrong glue can completely ruin a project. For simple projects that are going to be given as gifts or used around the home, double-sided tape often works very well and doesn’t cause the design to warp or buckle. If the magnets are going to be used for advertising purposes, it is important to use a stronger adhesive so that the design does not peel off.

While flat magnets are often the easiest to make, just about any object can be used in DIY magnets. Bottle caps, for example, can be decorated and attached to a small, strong, circular magnet. Even marbles can be turned into magnets with a strong enough adhesive and a small enough magnet. Having fun with the project and showing off creativity is the best tip for making DIY magnets or any other craft.

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@heavanet- I have a friend who teaches the third grade, and she had her class make magnets for a science project. The kids got to learn how magnets worked while using science-based photos from old magazines and books to make their own magnets. She said that her class really enjoyed the project.

All my friend did was give her students sheets of magnets and told them cut photos out of magazines and books to glue to pieces of the magnets. The project was also very inexpensive because the only supplies she had to buy were the magnet sheets and glue.


Has anyone every made DIY magnets with children? It sounds like a fun activity that would keep kids interested while encouraging their artistic side.

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