What Are the Best Tips for Making DIY Decals?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Decals can be cut from rolls of self adhesive shelf paper.
Decals can be cut from rolls of self adhesive shelf paper.

DIY decals can be designed online, or created by using an inkjet or laser printer. Using an online service to print one's own designs can be a good alternative to printing them at home. For those who prefer to print their own decals, a computer with a fast processor and a working printer will be needed. In addition, a scanner will be useful. It is also helpful to use a quality photo-editing software program for making DIY decals.

Although color laser printers are expensive, they are a good investment for those who create DIY decals regularly. This type of machine allows printing directly onto decal paper. For those who do not own a color laser printer, finding a store that offers color laser copiers for use at a nominal fee is a good alternative. The color laser copier machine is self-serve, with simple-to-follow instructions.

Hobby stores also sell various equipment for printing homemade stickers and decals. Making logos or designs for walls or other surfaces can be accomplished with a special die-cutting machine. These machines will produce decent vinyl DIY decals. The machine looks somewhat like a printer, with a large alphabet keyboard. Designs and characters are cut and printed directly from the die-cutting machine.

When using a die-cutting machine for making DIY decals, it's important to note what type of vinyl is compatible with the machine. Most stores or companies that sell this product will offer the vinyl as well. Vinyl for DIY decals may be available in various colors. If applying homemade decals to walls, it's best to choose contrasting colors. Decals with black backgrounds look good against white walls.

An efficient and less complicated way of making DIY decals is by using an online printing service. The idea is to use one's own designs to be printed. The major drawback to this option is cost. Companies that offer this sticker-printing service typically require customers to process a large-quantity order.

If cost is an issue, there is a practical solution to making homemade decals and stickers. To defer costs of printing supplies and paper, one might use self adhesive shelf lining paper. Shelf lining paper can be purchased in most department and home goods stores. By tracing a silhouette or simple design directly onto the shelf lining paper, it's easy to create long-lasting vinyl decals.

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Making DIY decals is a great project for kids. It is easy and cheap to do, and a fun way to pass a rainy day.

A good way to get kids interested in a decal making project is to give them old magazines and ask them to find pictures that interest them. They can cut them out and use them to make decals that show off their artistic side as well as their interests.


DIY decals are very easy to make, and this article does a good job in explaining this face. I think DIY decals are very inexpensive and effective ways to advertise a business or a special cause because they can be stuck almost anywhere.

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    • Decals can be cut from rolls of self adhesive shelf paper.
      By: Ivonne Wierink
      Decals can be cut from rolls of self adhesive shelf paper.