What Are the Best Tips for Making Daisy Centerpieces?

Sheri Cyprus

The best tips for making daisy centerpieces include considering the occasion to capture the mood. Daisies are a cheerful flower available in more than just the white-petaled type, although these can be lovely on their own or mixed with other kinds of flowers. Gerbera daisies are large and available in many bright colors. Smaller daisy types are sold in pastel pinks and blues as well as classic white. Choosing vases and containers creatively when making daisy centerpieces can lead to excellent results.

Daisies make a friendly centerpiece for every occasion.
Daisies make a friendly centerpiece for every occasion.

For instance, a transparent circular or rectangular glass bowl type vase can be turned into a colorful container for any variety and color of daisies by adding food coloring to the water. The flowers and water can both be the same color or done in contrasting colors to match the mood of the occasion. For example, pale blue or green colored water with white daises may be ideal for an oceanside or lakeside summer meal, while vivid purple gerbera daisy flowers in lavender water could set a more elegant tone for an indoor dinner party. Adding colored or clear glass pebbles sold in many craft stores to the bottom of the transparent class bowl or vase can attractively finish these types of daisy centerpieces.

A fun, casual look suitable for picnics, garden parties or even indoor baby or bridal showers includes a metal watering as a whimsical vase. All-white daisies, plus greenery such as fern leaves may be used for these watering can themed centerpieces, or colored flowers may be added for accents. For instance, pink and/or blue daisies can be combined with white ones for watering can baby shower daisy centerpieces. Some baby's breath is a good finishing touch.

For a dramatic striking look on a long dining table, a row of tall, elegant bud vases can hold a single gerbera daisy in each vase. This kind of daisy centerpiece can work well for narrow tables or large dinners as it doesn't take up a lot of room. For a wider or round dining table, making daisy centerpieces using a footed cake plate can be fun. A ring of daisies around the outer edge could accentuate a grouping of pillar candles placed inside. A stunning daisy centerpiece can also be made with a large clear glass vase full of white daisies, greenery and a few dramatic flowers such as orange or pink tiger lilies.

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