What Are the Best Tips for Making a Pomegranate Smoothie?

Marissa Meyer

Pomegranate juice, and sometimes processed pieces of the fruit, may be added to smoothies to create a tart, fruity flavor. The nutritional quality of the smoothie may also be enhanced with pomegranate, as they are high in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. Tips for easily preparing a pleasant-tasting pomegranate smoothie include using juice instead of pureed fruit, and freezing other fruits used to complement the pomegranate flavor instead of using crushed ice to make the smoothie cold. Some recipes include vegetables for added nutrition or diary products for a creamy texture. Serving tips include applying sugar to the glass rim and using pieces of fruit as garnish.

Pomegranate seeds.
Pomegranate seeds.

Although smoothies are most nutritious when made with whole pomegranate seeds that have been pureed, these seeds can be difficult to process and may leave pulp or sediment in the smoothie, even when thoroughly blended. For this reason, many experts recommend using pomegranate juice in smoothies. The juice can be easily squeezed by mashing the seeds in a strainer or cheesecloth, preserving the fluid, and discarding the solids. Fresh-squeezed juice may contain less fiber than pureed seeds, but the vitamin and antioxidant levels will still be similar.

Blenders are the easiest way to make smoothies.
Blenders are the easiest way to make smoothies.

Additional ingredients can be blended in the smoothie to enhance taste and improve texture. Creamy additions, such as milk, yogurt, and banana, can neutralize the tart flavor the the pomegranate and thicken the smoothie. When a more complex or fruity flavor is desired, other fruits like berries or apples may also be mixed into a pomegranate smoothie. Since water can dilute flavor and create a runny texture, solid fruits can be frozen before they are blended into the concoction, and liquid ingredients can be chilled. The result is a cool, refreshing drink without the need for water or ice.

Since pomegranate is a strong flavor, a pomegranate smoothie can be an ideal carrier for nutritious vegetables that are less appealing when served on their own. Shredded carrot, pureed spinach, or fresh tomato juice can be added to the mixture, in small amounts, and their taste will usually be virtually unnoticeable. Powdered supplements may also be added to the smoothie, per packaging instructions.

A pomegranate smoothie can be presented at a party or special function by wetting the rim of the serving glass and dipping it in sugar before filling with the beverage. For an autumn or winter occasion, brown sugar could replace white sugar. Fresh berries, apple slices, or citrus wedges may be used to enhance both glass presentation and taste.

Smoothies are created using a variety of fruits, juices, and ice.
Smoothies are created using a variety of fruits, juices, and ice.

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In my opinion, I see pomegranates as more of a smoothie additive than anything else. Not only is the juice a little too strong for my liking, but considering how the seeds (when blended) can make a mess, the only thing that you can really put in the blender is the juice itself, which doesn't even need to be blended. I enjoy making mango pomegranate smoothies every now and then.


I've had pomegranates before, and while they seem to lack the "taste" of many other fruits, they're very juicy, and the seeds are a wonderful treat. However, one thing that you really need to watch out for is getting the juice on material possessions, such as silk and clothing. Not only does red juice stain easily, but considering how concentrated pomegranate juice is, it's even more severe in this case.


While I've never had a pomegranate smoothie, I'm thinking about giving it a try one of these days. Not only does it sound quite different from the "average" drink, but what makes it unique is that when most people think about smoothies, mangoes and bananas are the first to come to mind, not pomegranates.

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