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What Are the Best Tips for Luggage Repair?

C. Daw
C. Daw

Luggage repair tools should be kept on hand when traveling, especially for those individuals who use luggage on a regular basis. The luggage owner should be aware of the fact that at any time during a trip the need to repair a pocket, zipper, or handle of the luggage may present itself. It is imperative to have a basic set of luggage repair tools on hand, and to have the knowledge necessary to complete the luggage repair task. There are several tips and suggestions which can help make the repairs possible, such as buying major luggage repair parts, keeping necessary tools on hand, and having alternative methods to carry the items that are in the luggage.

The best way to avoid any difficulties and anxieties during a trip is to have repair items and tools for all of the parts that are commonly broken on the luggage. It is better to consider the weak and strong points of the luggage and make repairs before leaving. Try to keep all major spare parts on hand, such as extra buttons, wheels, handles, and locks that may be needed to repair these items. Even though this may seem like a vast amount of unnecessary items to carry, the first time that the luggage breaks it will be apparent why it is so important to include the extra room needed for the items.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Another common problem that happens during traveling is the breakage of the luggage due to overloading or over stuffing. For this purpose, a basic luggage belt can be used to secure the luggage together. This is an important luggage repair item because it can secure the pieces together, whether the handle breaks, the hinges wear out, or the clasp that holds it together stops working correctly. The luggage belt simply straps around the outer edges of the luggage that does not stay closed, allowing the traveler to get to a stable location where it can be fixed properly.

Dented luggage and rips in vinyl or leather are also common problems that may need to be addressed. Luggage repair on metal or hard plastic is easy; simply take a block of wood and place it on the dent on the inside of the piece of luggage, and slowly pound it out. For leather or vinyl simply buy the proper repair kit and follow the directions that are given with it.

The luggage repair tools are an excellent choice to avoid any mishaps during the trip, but prevention is preferred to having to rely on the repair tools while traveling. Always carry your luggage in the correct manner. It is better to check the luggage before using them, and repair any items that appear to be worn or broken. If the repair is too complicated to do at home, then a luggage repair shop can be found to complete the task. If proper prevention steps are taken before traveling, then having to make repairs while on the road will be almost nonexistent.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book