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What Are the Best Tips for Logic Board Repair?

Helen Akers
Helen Akers

Unless an individual is an experienced professional, often the best solution for logic board repair is to use the services of a computer repair company. A computer's logic board is also known as the motherboard and connects all of the machine's major components it needs to operate. Several factors owners should keep in mind when selecting a vendor that repairs logic boards are reputation, warranty service, cost, location or shipping convenience, and brand expertise.

One way to select a logic board repair vendor is to search by computer brand. Even though various brands that are considered PCs often run the same type of operating system, the logic board design may vary significantly between them. Technicians that are licensed or have experience with certain types of brands will be more knowledgeable about what may be damaged on the board, what needs to be replaced, and how to go about repairing the board successfully. Most reputable repair vendors will also offer a limited warranty on their work and replacement parts.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

A trained professional will be able to examine the parts on a logic board, such as the pin connectors and capacitors, and determine if they are damaged or seated incorrectly on the board. At times, electrical shock or power surges can cause damage to portions of the motherboard or render the entire board useless. Voltage testing instruments can help determine the root cause of failure, or in other cases, a description of the symptoms the computer is experiencing may lead to a diagnosis. Depending on the nature of the damage, replacement of the entire board may not be necessary.

Before committing to a logic board repair vendor, the owner should perform a price and service comparison. Some vendors may be highly specialized, but too busy to accept new customers. Others might be located near the computer user's home, yet carry a poor or non-existent service reputation. One of the considerations the customer should keep in mind is whether the downtime justifies the repair or upgrade of the motherboard.

In some cases, a logic board repair or upgrade doesn't make financial sense. For board designs that are outdated or have difficult to locate parts, the purchase of a new computer may be more appropriate. A reputable logic board repair technician will typically advise computer users which route is better upon initial examination of the damage. Some repair work on certain boards may still be covered under warranty, which means that the repairs may be completed with refurbished parts.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer