What Are the Best Tips for Lip Exfoliating?

Amanda R. Bell
Amanda R. Bell
Exfoliating lips can help with chapped lips.
Exfoliating lips can help with chapped lips.

Lip exfoliating is often considered just as important as exfoliating the rest of your body, as it helps to improve circulation in your lips, remove dry, chapped skin, and generally make your lips feel and look better. One of the best tips for doing so is to use an exfoliator made especially for the lips, not one made for the face; however, keep in mind that you likely have all of the necessary products for lip exfoliation in your home. As with all other types of exfoliation, you should only scrub your lips a few times a week, and always apply a moisturizing lip product directly afterward.

Exfoliating with natural ingredients like sugar is soothing to the lips.
Exfoliating with natural ingredients like sugar is soothing to the lips.

One of the best, and most important, lip exfoliating tips is to always use a product specifically meant for the lips. Typically, scrubs meant for your face or body are too harsh for the delicate mouth area, and are not safe for accidental ingestion. Although lip scrubs are not supposed to be swallowed, small amounts will typically not harm you, and most lip scrubs are lightly flavored so that any accidental taste will not be unpleasant.

While there is a variety of lip exfoliating products available on the market, this is one beauty product that you typically do not have to go out and purchase. Even the most high-end lip scrubs are typically made of two ingredients: a moisturizing balm and sugar granules. Therefore, one of the best tips for lip exfoliating is to use products that you already have on hand, and save the extra money for a beauty item that you can’t make at home. Simply apply a thick layer of lip balm or petroleum jelly to your lips, and use a tooth brush or natural sugar to scrub your lips gently in a circular motion. Once you’re done, rinse the product off or wipe your mouth clean with a damp cloth.

Although exfoliation is a great way to keep your skin and mouth healthy, this is one of the many areas of beauty that should not be overdone. In most cases, you only need to exfoliate your lips one to two times a week. Anything more than this can irritate your mouth and the area around it, stripping the natural moisture from your lips and causing flakiness and dry skin.

The most important thing to remember about lip exfoliating is that it is a two-step process. Simply using a lip scrub and then going about your day will likely leave your lips feeling dry and raw, no matter how moisturizing your lip scrub is. One of the most important tips for lip exfoliating is to apply a moisturizing lip balm right after you rinse the scrub from your mouth. This helps to moisturize your lips, and provides the newly-scrubbed skin with a protective barrier to prevent chapping.

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Exfoliating anything can be hazardous to your skin. You do have to be careful. I got into something back in the winter that made my lips really scaly, and I tried exfoliation, but it made my lips 10 times worse. They didn't clear up until I got a $1 tube of medicated Blistex lip balm. I don't know what's in that stuff, but my lips looked and felt better overnight.

Sometimes exfoliation works pretty well, but as Pippinwhite noted, you have to be really careful. I may try the wet washcloth next time, myself!


Be careful! I exfoliated my lips, and whatever I used did not agree with my skin, in spite of using the lip protector balm right after! My lips were raw and sore.

I decided maybe I had been too harsh on my lips, so about three weeks later, I did it again -- same result.

I find the best way for me to exfoliate my lips is to rub them vigorously with a wet washcloth while I'm in the shower. That works wonders for me.

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    • Exfoliating lips can help with chapped lips.
      By: Eric Fahrner
      Exfoliating lips can help with chapped lips.
    • Exfoliating with natural ingredients like sugar is soothing to the lips.
      By: bit24
      Exfoliating with natural ingredients like sugar is soothing to the lips.