What Are the Best Tips for Learning Math?

Marco Sumayao

The majority of experts agree that the best way of learning math is constant practice; although some people might have a natural aptitude for mathematics, high-level skill in math can be developed in most people. Individuals who want to perform better in math can use a wide variety of study and practice aids to hone their abilities, such as worksheets and online classes. Learning math is also easier with the help of a tutor, as individualized attention greatly improves the quality of math education. Math games and math software can make learning a more enjoyable activity, encouraging further practice. More complex math skills, such as solving word problems, can be developed by practicing related skills like reading comprehension and analytical thinking.

Constant practice may be the best way to learn math.
Constant practice may be the best way to learn math.

One good tip to learn math is to do a few math exercises a day. The easiest way to do this is by avoiding using the calculator. Calculator use deprives individuals of the chance to practice math in their everyday lives by making answers come without any effort. Another way to incorporate math practice into everyday activities is to calculate daily expenses, such as food costs when eating out, before being charged for the amount.

Community colleges offer math classes.
Community colleges offer math classes.

Individuals interested in learning math can also attend classes and workshops offered by academic institutions. Many university math departments offer courses and seminars for supplementary learning. Taking community college classes is another good way to learn math. Individuals interested in learning math should consider taking classes that employ Kumon™, a system created by a renowned Japanese educator.

Another good tip for learning math is to maximize the resources available via computer. Many websites offer practice exercises for free, along with tips on how to simplify seemingly complex mathematics procedures. Individuals willing to pay for online classes will find themselves improving significantly. There are also numerous types of learning math software in the market; many of these are math games that develop both speed and accuracy while covering more advanced math topics, such as algebra and calculus.

People who need help with more difficult math problems will benefit greatly from developing complementary skills. Word problems, for example, become much easier with improved reading comprehension skills, as these allow the solver to dissect the pertinent parts of the problem. More abstract math problems, such as equations with flexible variables, become easier to understand with improved analytical and logical thinking skills.

A tutor may help individuals improve their math skills.
A tutor may help individuals improve their math skills.

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@ocelot60- You should not feel embarrassed at all to seek the help of a math tutor. After all, that is what they are there for! You don't have to go around asking other students to tutor you, either. Most technical schools, colleges, and universities have student help centers with tutors in all subjects. They are usually available to registered students at no charge.

When you register for classes, simply ask your academic advisor how to register for help with one of the school's math tutors. I think you will find that the process is very easy. In addition, I think you will also be happy to discover how understanding and helpful your advisor will be about your request, and how much easier your math classes will be with the help of a tutor.


I am going back to school this fall to finish my degree. I have always been terrible in math, but I have to take several math classes to complete my required coursework. When I was in school in the past, I was embarrassed to ask for the help of a tutor. Does anyone have any advice about how I go about finding a tutor without feeling self-conscious?

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