What are the Best Tips for Installing do-It-Yourself Granite Countertops?

G. Wiesen

Installing do-it-yourself granite countertops can be something of a daunting proposition, but there are a few simple tips that can make the process easier and reduce the risk of damage to the countertops. One thing to remember when handling granite countertops is that the granite is quite heavy, but it is also fairly fragile. Care should be taken whenever cutting granite countertops by using a diamond saw with a collar to reduce vibrations from the saw. Once do-it-yourself granite countertops are installed properly, they should be cleaned and sealed to prevent stains from liquids.

Do-it-yourself granite countertops are sold at hardware and home improvement stores.
Do-it-yourself granite countertops are sold at hardware and home improvement stores.

Do-it-yourself granite countertops can be found at a number of different hardware and home improvement stores. These countertops allow someone to install his or her own granite countertops, saving money on installation and handling from professional countertop installers. There are a few tips when dealing with do-it-yourself granite countertops, however, that can make the process easier and reduce the risks of injury or damage to the countertops.

Proper handling of do-it-yourself granite countertops is one of the most important things to be aware of. When transported, granite countertops should be held vertically, not horizontally. Care should be taken to prevent edges from striking anything, since granite is quite prone to cracking or breaking. Handled suction cups often make carrying and installing granite countertops easier, allowing installation without risking damage to fingers caught between a countertop and the counter.

Cutting do-it-yourself granite countertops may be necessary during installation, and this can be done by homeowners. A handheld skill saw can typically be used to cut granite countertops, and a diamond cutting blade should be used to cut cleanly. The blade itself should usually be fit with collars on each side of the blade, similar to washers or consisting of a few pieces of duct tape, to prevent the blade from vibrating during use, which could chip the granite. When cut dry, granite will produce a good deal of dust, so a vacuum should be used when cutting indoors.

The process of actually installing do-it-yourself granite countertops is fairly complex, though certain steps should be followed such as installing plywood for support and leveling the granite properly before applying epoxy. Once the granite countertops are installed, they should be cleaned with a quality granite cleaner. After cleaning, a granite sealer should be used on the granite; this will prevent the porous surface of granite from absorbing liquids that can create stains.

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