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What are the Best Tips for Installing a Thermostat?

C. Daw
C. Daw

The best tips for installing a thermostat begin with making sure that the new thermostat is installed in the proper location. Second, the existing wires, if any are present, need to be evaluated. If an old thermostat is being replaced, the old unit, along with the mount, needs to be removed. The next tip in the installation process is to attach the new mount, making sure that it is level. Wire the unit into place using the wiring diagrams that were provided along with the new thermostat and then secure it into place. Never assume that the task will be easy and that since it has been done before, no preparations need to be taken. Always read the directions and precautions for every unit that is being used. Be sure to select the thermostat that will be compatible with the installed heating/cooling unit.

Installing a thermostat begins with ensuring that the new unit is properly placed, whether there was an old one in place or not. Try to use the existing hole that is present from an older thermostat, but make sure that the placement is correct. The unit should not be by any doors or windows so that drafts from the outside do not affect it. The unit should also not be placed in an area where the direct sunlight will strike it. In order for the new thermostat to work properly, it must be placed where outside changes do not interfere with temperature readings.

A programmable thermostat may help reduce heating costs.
A programmable thermostat may help reduce heating costs.

The wiring is the next step in the process. When installing a thermostat it is important that the wires be usable and up to date. There should be four separate wires coming into the hole, if not, a licensed electrician should be hired to do rewire it. The wiring in older units that only have two wires do not allow newer, programmable models to be used. Another problem with older wires that occur on a daily basis is the increase in fire hazard. Newer wiring needs be installed if any doubts about the age of the existing ones are present.

The old unit will have to be removed before installing the new unit. Removing the thermostat is an easy step as long as the wiring that is present is taped off and marked. Never work on anything electrical unless the proper fuse has been turned off to prevent electrocution. After the wires have been taped, remove the old mount and prepare the area for installing a thermostat.

The next step in the process of installing a thermostat is to mount the old base into place. The thermostat has to be level in order to function properly, so the base has to be leveled perfectly before locking it down into place. Follow the diagrams that were provided with the new thermostat, making sure to hook the wires up properly. Slide the new unit into place and the task is done.

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    • A programmable thermostat may help reduce heating costs.
      By: Steve Cukrov
      A programmable thermostat may help reduce heating costs.