What Are the Best Tips for Home Magazine Advertising?

Dan Cavallari

Home magazine advertising may refer to the process of placing advertisements in magazines that focus on issues regarding the home, or it may mean placing ads from the comfort of one's own home. Home magazines generally focus on improving the house, redecorating, renovating, or otherwise appreciating home styles and crafts. If a person or business is considering home magazine advertising, it will first be important to find out the demographics of that magazine's readership. Any time a person places an ad in a magazine, he or she will need to find out who that ad will reach.

Home magazines focus on improving the house.
Home magazines focus on improving the house.

Most magazines are willing to reveal their demographics so advertisers will have a better idea as to whether their advertisements will be well placed. A simple e-mail or letter to the magazine will often enable someone to learn about these demographics. If home magazine advertising seems to fit well with the business's advertising goals, it will then be important to do some research into the advertising rates. The cost of ad placement can vary significantly from magazine to magazine, and the size of the ad will often dictate how expensive it will be. Most magazines will have a price sheet available for potential advertisers.

It may help to tailor the ad for home magazine advertising. Most people reading such magazines will be homeowners or potential homeowners, so tailoring the ad to such customers will help ensure the ad gets noticed by readers scanning for relevant information. This assumes, of course, that the business doing the home magazine advertising relates in some way to home ownership, but even if it does not, the advertising campaign should be focused on ways to help homeowners specifically relate to the product or service being advertised. It may be wise to hire a professional marketer or advertiser to develop such an ad.

An advertising budget should be drawn up before any home magazine advertising space is purchased. The business owner should come up with measurable goals for the campaign as well to ensure the money is being well spent; if results are not seen, the owner may want to consider revising the ad or placing it in a different type of magazine. It helps to find out if the magazine ad will appear only in the print magazine, or if it will also appear online. If the ad appears in both places, the cost of placement is likely to be higher.

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