What are the Best Tips for Glass Block Window Installation?

Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch
Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Glass block window installation is not too difficult to perform and provides homeowners with windows that offer privacy and style. Tips include adding plastic tracking to the perimeter of the window opening after it has been measured. The first block should always be laid in the bottom corner of the window with plastic spacing placed between each block to keep it in place. The glass blocks should then be sealed with silicone sealer before removing any excess with a putty knife. Seal both sides of the window frame with latex caulk.

Glass block window installation can be an effective way to add light to a room without the need for ventilation. Areas where privacy is necessary such as a bathroom also benefit from glass block window installation. There are a variety of glass block patterns available which are designed to distort an outsider’s view of the room. It is also possible to place clear glass blocks along with patterned ones to combine privacy with a view of the outside.

To begin the process of glass block window installation, carefully measure the window opening. Plastic tracking must be placed in the opening to hold the blocks. It is necessary to drill holes in the tracking to attach it to the window opening. Before drilling these holes, mark them with a pencil to ensure that they are in the right place.

All glass block window installation jobs must begin by placing a block at the bottom corner of the opening. A narrow piece of plastic should be placed beside it before the next block is added. This plastic holds the blocks together and makes sure they do not scratch one another. Once the bottom row of blocks has been laid, place a long piece of plastic spacing on top of the row. The same procedure should be followed until all blocks are installed.

When the glass block window installation is complete, the blocks must be sealed. This process is accomplished by the application of silicone sealer. The sealer should be applied horizontally first. When applying the sealer vertically, avoid the horizontal lines. It is also important to avoid applying too much sealer.

A putty knife should be used to smooth the sealer. All excess silicone should be removed by a wet cloth. Latex caulk should then be applied when the exterior and interior of the window frame are being sealed. Successful glass block window installation should result in years of privacy in whatever room the process was performed.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass