What Are the Best Tips for Freezing Blueberries?

Jeremy Laukkonen

There are a number of different ways to freeze fresh blueberries for later use, some of which work better than others. The best method of freezing blueberries can depend on what they will be used for when thawed, and how long they will stay in the freezer. Freezing any type of fruit without treating it first tends to introduce unpleasant flavors, and can also result in mushiness after thawing. One way to deal with this is freezing blueberries in a sugar solution or simple syrup. Freezing blueberries on their own can work just fine if they will be used in pancakes or other similar situations where firmness is not very important, and where any off taste is likely to be masked.

The best way to freeze blueberries often depends on how you plan to use them.
The best way to freeze blueberries often depends on how you plan to use them.

Freezing fruits and berries can be an excellent way to preserve them for later use, and it is far easier than most other preservation methods. Fruits and berries can be placed directly into a freezer, though that can lead to big ice crystals forming inside the delicate cell structure, which can result in a mushy end product after thawing. Another problem with simply placing fruits and berries into a freezer is that they tend to absorb unpleasant flavors. In order to avoid these issues, there are a few different techniques that can be used.

The first tip to freezing blueberries is to wash them off and then make sure they are completely dry. It is possible to help the drying process along by placing the berries on a cooling rack that is meant for cookies or other baked goods. Blueberries can then be placed into an airtight freezer container or bag, though there are a few ways to help ensure they are still in good condition months later.

Freezing blueberries in either open or airtight containers tends to cause oxidation, since even airtight containers have some amount of air inside. The amount of air exposure can be reduced by using a vacuum sealer, though a better way to freeze blueberries is to use sugar or simple syrup. This can be accomplished with simple syrup by placing a freezer bag into a large measuring cup and then adding an appropriate amount of berries. The syrup may then be added, after which the bag can be sealed and placed in a freezer. If sugar is used, then the berries should not be fully dried after washing so that tossing them in sugar will allow the granules to adhere.

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