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What Are the Best Tips for Engraving Rocks?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

An engraver with several tips is recommended for engraving rocks. Safety glasses and face masks are also recommended. Practicing with these tips before creating a final piece can help a person get a feel for the marks made by each. A pattern can be drawn on or transferred to a smooth rock to create a final piece. It is also a good idea to keep checking the progress of the engraving throughout the whole process.

Safety is very important when engraving rocks. Dust or other small rock particles could fly into a person's open eyes. This can cause some serious damage, including loss of vision. Eye protection, such as safety goggles, should be worn at all times. A mask can also be worn over the mouth and nose to prevent this dust from being inhaled.

Safety goggles and a mask should be worn when engraving rocks.
Safety goggles and a mask should be worn when engraving rocks.

An electric engraver is considered the best tool to engrave rocks. These are similar to rotary tools, and the end of the engraver rotates at extremely high speeds. Tips can be inserted into the end of the tool. Diamond tips will usually yield the best results when engraving rocks. These often come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Each tip will produce a different effect on a rock that is being engraved. The best way to figure out what type of marking is made by a tip is by practicing. Scrap pieces of rock are best for this.

An engraver should be held just like a pencil when engraving rocks. For most people, this means holding it at a 45-degree angle. Using different pressures and angles, however, can produce different effects with each tip. A person can start simply by making a few straight lines, and progress to curved lines and shading.

When a person feels comfortable engraving rocks, he can get started on his final project. A smooth, flat rock is typically ideal for this. The final desired image should be written on the rock using a grease pencil. Transfer paper can also be used to transfer an image to a rock.

Dust and debris should be wiped away periodically while engraving rocks. This will allow a person to see what he has engraved. Tilting the rock at an angle may also make it easier to see fine lines and shaded areas. After a rock has been engraved, it should be wiped with a damp cloth and allowed to dry.

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    • Safety goggles and a mask should be worn when engraving rocks.
      By: Andrzej Solnica
      Safety goggles and a mask should be worn when engraving rocks.