What Are the Best Tips for E-Business Marketing?

Valerie Goldberg

E-businesses are companies that use the Internet as a home base and do not have brick-and-mortar storefronts. Consumers who shop at e-businesses purchase goods or services from websites. When making a plan for e-business marketing, small business owners should utilize a variety of resources. A few of the best tips for e-business marketing include using search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and social networking.

E-business marketing strategies can drive customers to a company's online store.
E-business marketing strategies can drive customers to a company's online store.

SEO refers to the process of increasing a website's ranking so more consumers find it naturally by using search engines. Proper site optimization can play a big role in e-business marketing. The web is the sole hub for an e-business, so getting qualified buyers to a homepage is key. There are many components of SEO that can help to do this.

Effective e-business marketing can include search engine optimization, email marketing and the use of social media.
Effective e-business marketing can include search engine optimization, email marketing and the use of social media.

One important thing every e-business marketing guru should know about SEO is that content is key. When web crawlers go through the Internet ranking sites, they look for fresh content rich in keywords. Even if many of the more technical aspects of SEO, such as HTML and linking, seem too difficult to a new business owner, simply adding a new blog post or writing more detailed product descriptions can help draw more traffic to the website.

Email marketing is another vital piece of the e-business marketing puzzle. A business owner should send weekly email pieces to prospects and clients. The medium of email is perfect for e-businesses, because it is affordable and results are measurable — a person can use programs to count clicks, opens and deletions. It is important for companies to send a combination of hard-sell sales pieces and soft-sell emails such as a newsletter to the customers in their databases. Sending hard-sell pieces all the time can cause a lot of readers to unsubscribe.

Another thing marketers should keep in mind about email marketing is to only send pieces to lists of people who have opted in. Purchasing a list and sending out unwanted email pieces is considered spamming. Marketers can grow their lists by having an opt-in form on the front of the company website.

A final and totally free e-business marketing tip is to take advantage of social media. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter make it easy for e-businesses to interact with qualified consumers. Business owners can set up social media accounts and post coupons or answer direct questions from prospects and clients. Social media also is great for brand awareness.

Social media is great for brand promotion.
Social media is great for brand promotion.

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@pleonasm - That's a standard tip for any kind of small business marketing.

If you have a car fixing business, for example, you should release decent tutorials on how people can change their own oil and so forth. It shows them you know what you're doing and that you are generous and trustworthy and makes them more likely to come to you when they need something big done.

Same thing for businesses online. If you make jewelry, put out lovely tutorials on basic jewelry making. Shows you know your stuff, shows how hard making the good stuff really is and why you deserve to price things the way you do. And now, you get the bonus of a good SEO ranking.

It's a winning strategy all around and all it will really cost you is some time and effort.


Another thing to remember when considering SEO for internet business marketing is that the more incoming links you have from high quality sites, the better. If you have links from university or government sites, that's the best and will definitely increase your ranking. But, even just a review and link to your website from a respected blog can help.

Most importantly you should try to keep your content as relevant and high quality as possible. Google changes their search algorithm all the time, trying to make it better.

So you never know what will help you, except including quality content.

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